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Blogfather Is Dying…..

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  We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy…. –ML King “Beyond Vietnam”

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Italicized in parentheses is MY emphasis btw……

When they finally kick the bucket, and we’re all in our e-pews while people read its eulogy, can buhdy make an entrance EXACTLY like this?

Birds Are Not Supposed To Look Like This

See this link:

birds are not supposed to look like this

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this was May 24th.  An oiled Pelican is left behind as her friends fly off in the Louisiana marshes nesting grounds.  

Glenn Beck calls Fox Owner a 9/11 terrorist! He is going to get FIRED for this!

It finally happened. Glenn Beck has gone too far for his right wing owners. How do I know that? Because he just blamed 9/11 on one of the guys who pays his salary.

Watch the video here.

The guy Beck is blaming for 9/11 is one of his bosses, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who just happens to be the largest stockholder of Fox News who isn’t a member of majority owner Rupert Murdoch’s family.

Calling your boss a terrorist who is responsible for 9/11 can’t be good for your job security, can it?

Transcript and more below the fold

Haiti: Time Passes but the Emergency Continues



Living In Emergency

Living in Emergency

For the first time ever, MSF gave a documentary crew uncensored access to its field operations. Set in war-torn Congo and post-conflict Liberia, “Living in Emergency” interweaves the stories of four doctors as they struggle to provide emergency medical care under extreme conditions. Two volunteers are new recruits: a 26-year-old Australian doctor stranded in a remote bush clinic and an American surgeon from Tennessee trying to cope under the load of emergency cases in a shattered capital city.

Two others are experienced field hands: a dynamic head of mission, valiantly trying to keep morale high and tensions under control, and an exhausted veteran, who has seen too much horror and wants out. Amid the chaos, each doctor must find their own way to face the challenges of the work, the tough choices, and the limits of their idealism.

Living in Emergency Trailer from LivinginEmergency on Vimeo.

This documentary opens in cities around the US this weekend. I urge you to see it, it will gives you a far better picture of what we do than I can ever put into words. Bring a strong stomach and a few tissues.

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