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Mungo Jerry was a sensation starting in 1970 because of its signature song, In the Summertime.  Now days, that is the only memory that most folks have about them.  This is unfortunate, because they actually were quite excellent.

Their initial LP, self named, is a classic, and I have it both in vinyl and on eight track.  That is right, I still have lots of eight track tapes, including Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends Hands of Jack the Ripper.  I used to have that one on vinyl, but a “friend” stole it from me.

Mungo Jerry has always pretty much been spearheaded by Ray Dorset.  They are quite British, but sometimes sound almost Californian.  Let us start out the post by their most well remembered tune, In the Summertime.

That is still the best remembered one, but on that same album they had several excellent songs.  One that I like very much is You Gotta Move On, about drinking on the beach.  Unfortunately, I can not find a video of this on UTube, and hope that a clever reader might find it.  The chorus goes “You can’t stay here, just adrinking that beer, you gotta move on, gotta move on!”

Once again from their initial LP is M***** F****** Boogie, an another excellent tune.  Again unfortunately this is not available, at least that I can find, on UTube.

Here is another wonderful tune by them, called Alright, Alright, Alright.  They were and are really quite good.

This is also a wonderful tune, called Mighty Man.  It is excellent.  Any you say that I like only The Who!  LOL!  But Mungo Jerry is a British Invasion band, albeit a little later than some of the others.

Another for your consideration is the live version of Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black.  This is a pretty nice song as well.

To finish it out, I seem to remember a song, not credited to Mungo Jerry, that had to do with a bicycle.  I am sure that Dorset, if not the entire Mungo Jerry had to do with it, but I get it confused with the Melanie Safka Brand New Key one, likely because of bipedal human propulsion.

Well, let me know it this should be a regular Friday night feature.  I like several bands that are obscure, but that everyone remembers at least one song thence.  I shall post a poll to see what is interesting.

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