Life on Planet Obama

On Planet Obama, the White House responds to the hemorrhaging of millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico by ordering 1200 National Guard troops to the Arizona desert.

On Planet Obama, the EPA, citing the emergency in the Gulf, approves without delay or debate the unprecedented use of massive quantities of highly toxic chemical dispersant Corexit.

On Planet Obama, the EPA fails to approve for more than a month Louisiana’s request to build sand berms to protect the state’s fragile coastline from the impending inundation of crude oil.

On Planet Obama, the reason the EPA gives for failing to approve the protective berms is that it wants more time to study their environmental impact.

On Planet Obama, the EPA can’t rescind approval of Corexit because BP won’t let it.

On Planet Obama, the US Coast Guard takes its sailing orders from BP.

On Planet Obama, the White House declares a moratorium on new offshore drilling permits but continues to issue permits anyway.

On Planet Obama, the EPA denies that fumes from crude oil slicks are harmful.

On Planet Obama, BP hires 40 vessels for spill mitigation work and keeps them in port while the slick coats the shoreline around the boats.

On Planet Obama, BP can order journalists away from beaches where the oil has come ashore.

On Planet Obama, the Federal government