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                             Part One

                            EMERALD SEA

Once, as in a dream, Zeus came to her

Quietly slumbering on her emerald isle

Thought form wholly

Holy without form

Asleep upon her emerald isle she played in dream

Invoking out of emptiness

Some image, sub-atomic, non-particulate

Evoking echo without sound

     …and to her watery bed she took

        mankind as her groom…

Just as in a dream, Zeus came to her

He too a shadow of his glimpse of her

Appearing conscious

Yet not wholly formed

Echoing the formlessness of his perfection

Awake above the teal blue sea

He sought the body for his litany

Shakti dreaming by the emerald sea

The dream in his emerald eye

     …and to his sky bound heart he took

        the maiden as his bride…

He, taking her hand in hand

Gave her hyacinths from the sun god’s land

To weave in her sea wound hair

Just as in a dream they moved

Dancing in tidepools

Gems for their eyes

They gathered anemonies from the tidal pools

     …pink, purple, lemon and orange…

With anemonies for her bridal bouquet

Eels grass for her gown

She led her sky god lover down

To the church at the bottom of the sea

          ~~~pls follow below~~~


Chopin of the North

Edvard Grieg is pretty much the national composer of Norway the same way Sibelius is of Finland, quite an accomplishment for a Scotsman.

Actually, for a composer, he led a pretty normal life.  Well traveled and mostly liked by his mid century contemporaries, he was a particularly gifted pianist.  He wrote 5 songs dedicated to Louis Hornbeck which ingratiates him to me (not that there is any relation, like Athena I sprang fully formed from the head of Zeus).

Tonight’s pieces are two Piano Rolls where he demonstrates his virtuosity playing his own compositions.

The first one is Bridal Procession which can come in handy if you are on your Larry Kingth marriage and are tired of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.  The second is called Butterfly, Op. 43 #1, both posted by d60944.

What I notice about Piano Rolls in general is that the performances are quite up tempo compared to what I expected.  This is reflective of the desires and talent of the composers, speed is one of the things they are best at preserving.

Establishment, Arlen Specter, Obama All Lose Tonight

Something good actually happened tonight. I can’t remember the last time in the past 10 years that I could really say that.

One of the Warren Commission accessories to the murder of John Kennedy, Arlen Specter, was finally defeated in his reelection for the U.S. Senate. Arlen Specter was the man who fabricated the whole “magic bullet theory” of the multiple gunshot wounds to John Kennedy and Governor Connally, in order to protect the real killers from public exposure and prosecution.

Background: John Kennedy was struck in the throat (front), and in the back (rear), and then in the head near his right temple (front). Governor Connally was struck in his ribs, and also in his right wrist, and also in his left thigh. The bullet cited the Warren Commission to have caused all of these wounds simultaneously, except for Kennedy’s head shot, was taken from a neighboring hospital stretcher and found in totally undeformed condition (with no bloodstains and no fragments missing).



This is Arlen Specter in 1964 fabricating the trajectory and the physics of multiple wounds sustained in two adult bodies in order to publish the lie that there was just a “lone gunman” in the assassination of President Kennedy. This became known as the “magic bullet” theory.

But the real facts were, of course, much different.


Here we see the proof that John Kennedy had been already struck in the throat (from the front) by a bullet, and yet Governor Connally at this point was totally unharmed and not hit at all, and still holding onto his hat.


Several frames later (and over 1 full second later), Governor Connally had still not yet been shot by any bullet at all, and he was still comfortably holding onto to his hat. Connally’s wounds could therefore not possibly have come from the same bullet that had hit Kennedy in the throat. Yet thanks to Arlen Specter (and also Gerald Ford who fabricated the position of Kennedy’s back wound in the report) “Official U.S. History” lies to us and states that it did.

Arlen Specter was defeated tonight. He was defeated by a Democratic Party challenger Joe Sestak coming from the left.

Of course, Establishment loving President Obama provided both robo-calls and TV advertisment support on behalf of this Warren Commission Kennedy Assassination accessory, Arlen Specter –who George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had also campaigned for in 2004– and not the true Democrat in the race, Joe Sestak.

Obama even stated in his TV ad that he loved Arlen Specter, while he also actively campaigned on behalf other status-quo, pro-Corporate Establishment figures like Blanche Lincoln, and opposed the more progressive Democrat Bill Halter. Despite Obama’s help, Blanche Lincoln is locked in a tight contest tonight that is still unresolved and will require a “runoff”.

  • So the Establishment loses tonight.
  • The Warren Commission loses tonight.
  • WarHawk and Robert Gates fan, President Obama loses tonight.
  • And a better Democrat defeated an imposter.


Deepwater Horizon Oil Leak to Loop Current Forecast – May 17 through May 21, 2010

Video compiled from data produced by The College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, Ocean Circulation Group

OCG/CMS/USF maintains a coordinated program of coastal ocean observing and modeling for the West Florida Continental Shelf (WFS).

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill trajectory ensemble forecast from four different numerical models – Modeling includes a West Florida Shelf version of ROMS nested in the Navy’s operational HYCOM. We are also diagnosing model output from the Navy’s HYCOM, from NCSU’s SABGOM ROMS, and also from the NOAA RTOFS.


(about 1 minute 8 seconds)

Primary Open Thread

Well, Rand Paul in a blowout if you’d like a little schadenfreud at Mitch McConnell’s expense.

Early numbers for Sestak don’t look good.  42% reporting, Sestak 51% Specter 49%.

Halter leading.  62% reporting, Lincoln 43.3% Halter 42.6%.

Conway leading over Mongiardo 45% – 43%, 93% reporting.  Looks like a win.  AP calls it.

Critz 54% Burns 43%, 39% reporting.  Murtha’s seat.  53% – 45%, 70% in, AP calls it.

2 Top Specter supporters say to Mrs. Greenspan it’s over.  AP calls it.  Concession should be within the hour.  10:25 EDT.

Toomey for the Thugs- AP.

Politico election results.

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Fears grow that Gulf oil could strike Florida

by Clement Sabourin, AFP

2 hrs 36 mins ago

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AFP) – BP reported further progress Tuesday in stemming the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but new evidence showed part of the slick could be swept to Florida’s beaches and sensitive coral reefs.

The British energy giant, which has been struggling to contain a month-long environmental disaster, said a tube inserted into a leaking oil pipe is now sucking up about 40 percent of the crude, twice as much as a day earlier.

The company said its “riser insertion tube tool” is carrying about 2,000 barrels a day of oil up to the Discoverer Enterprise drill ship on the surface via a mile-long pipe.

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