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Dollar Store Dart Guns

What makes lamestream news vs what does not.  Choking deaths where attributed to a dollar store toy dart gun set.  This was on local lamestream TV.

True CNN is still lamestream but NOT on local lamestream because, well because it was after all that most serious of all things a toy GUN.

Not medicine though.…

Real news you have to look for.

Cass Sunstein’s dangerous ideas.

Cass Sunstein has failed to notice that denizens of the tubes frequently quote others whom they despise in order to mock them.  It’s called balance.  Here, for example, is Cass Sunstein himself:

“Momma Cass ‘Dream a Little Dream for Me'” Sunstein thinks web sites like Docudharma should volunteer or be coerced into providing links and ideas to alternative opinions to the ones being expressed by single-minded dharmavillains.  

“The best would be for this to be done voluntarily,” said Sunstein, “But the word voluntary is a little complicated and people sometimes don’t do what’s best for our society,” he added.

“The idea would be to have a legal mandate as the last resort….an ultimate weapon designed to encourage people to do better,” Sunstein concluded.

Obama Barks, Arizona Bites

obama immigration reform

Everyone is outraged by the new law in Arizona, SB1070, which allows local law enforcement officers to target brown people even more easily than they had before, during the glory days of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a beneficiary of the law that allowed this new law to exist, 287(g):

The Bush Administration granted the largest and most powerful 287(g) contract to Sheriff Arpaio, despite the fact that jails under his supervision cost his county over $43 million in death and abuse lawsuits. Arpaio is accused of housing prisoners in tents, making them appear before media TV cameras wearing pink underwear, shackling them in chain gangs, and trespassing into neighboring jurisdictions to unlawfully dump immigrants at the border for deportation. Traffic violators and day laborers are Arpaio’s main targets.

Even President Obama condemned the new Arizona law, and yet it is his own Administration’s ICE under the auspices of Homeland Security, that has paved the way for SB1070, an unjust law, to get on the books.

Under the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano is expanding the 287(g) program.

Recent studies (warning, pdf) show this law doesn’t work as intended.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Neil Franklin – Interview

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On Friday, May 14th 2010, I got the chance to sit down with Neill Franklin, the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

Neill Franklin, LEAP’s incoming executive director, is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who spent more than two decades with the Maryland State Police (leading the drug division’s education and training) and then moved to Baltimore PD. Like a character from HBO’s “The Wire,” Neill could tell you stories of colleagues being gunned down in the line of fire, as he did in this Washington Post op-ed.

Full, Unedited Interview (highlight clips below the fold)

Obadiah and Jeremiah

Obadiah said to Jeremiah,

“It’s time to buy a

New supply ‘a

Rope and wire.”

Jeremiah said to Obadiah,

“Why rope and wire?”

Open Throne


Learning “curve:” Nine years of war crimes later.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates:

“The United States is unlikely to repeat a mission on the scale of those in Afghanistan and Iraq anytime soon – that is, forced regime change followed by nation building under fire,” he wrote

Anytime soon.  D’oh!   Weeza izn’t lernt gol’darn’t thingz.  No moneyz, no warzuv scalesez.  We bankruptz us-selves.

More likely, he said, are “scenarios requiring a familiar tool kit of capabilities, albeit on a smaller scale.”

Familiar tool-kit?  Prithee, lemme guess: More flying robotz assassinashunz.

Morning Facepalm

Open Thread.

AP: WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that federal officials can indefinitely hold inmates considered “sexually dangerous” after their prison terms are complete.

The high court reversed a lower court decision that said Congress overstepped its authority in allowing indefinite detentions of considered “sexually dangerous.”

go read the whole article here at WaPo


I’m a little confused. Help me out here, folks.

Troubling the Language

Editor’s Note:

I wrote this originally for a Quaker audience, but would like to share this with you as well.  I’ve added a few notes in the text to aid the comprehension of those who are not Friends.  I’ve also expanded the message to include those who are not people of faith.


The Author.

Join My Spontaneous BP Boycott: How To

As you can see, I’ve gotten tired of just typing and complaining about this. That just didn’t seem to be enough, especially because BP is now collecting oil from the spill that it can sell, their stock is still traded, they’re still doing business. No, I wanted to do something else. So here’s an invitation to join me in creating a leaderless, spontaneous national boycott of BP.

Well, it isn’t exactly Alice’s Restaurant.  Yet.  But who knows what this can lead to.

Please join me.


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Postcard from the Propagandist


It’s a bombardment. Up, down, left and right. Inside out and upside down. An onslaught. Back and forth, to and fro, here and there and back again. A blizzard of threats. A maelstrom of lies which prey upon your worst fears.

Invading hordes of coloreds. An avalanche of disaster. Moral depravity and economic catastrophe. Politicians and Piranhas swim the tank of bottom feeding frenzy. And you are fish food.

On This Day in History: May 17

On this day in 1973, Televised Watergate hearings began.

In Washington, D.C., the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, headed by Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina, begins televised hearings on the escalating Watergate affair. One week later, Harvard law professor Archibald Cox was sworn in as special Watergate prosecutor.

In May 1973, the special Senate committee began televised proceedings on the Watergate affair. During the Senate hearings, former White House legal counsel John Dean testified that the Watergate break-in had been approved by former Attorney General John Mitchell with the knowledge of chief White House advisers John Ehrlichman and H.R. Haldeman, and that President Nixon had been aware of the cover-up. Meanwhile, Watergate prosecutor Cox and his staff began to uncover widespread evidence of political espionage by the Nixon reelection committee, illegal wiretapping of thousands of citizens by the administration, and contributions to the Republican Party in return for political favors.

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