Be careful if you have to visit that country next door. They’re crazy!

The immigration issue between Mexico and the United States is just exploding.

What is a citizenry to do when the country next door has gone haywire? Well, the population should at least be warned that those people on the other side of the border are capable of any manner of craziness and they can’t be trusted.

A responsible government has an obligation to warn its people that the place is just downright unstable right now and to be careful if they go there.


Mexico warns citizens in Arizona

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican government warned its citizens Tuesday to use extreme caution if visiting Arizona because of a tough new law that requires all immigrants and visitors to carry U.S.-issued documents or risk arrest.

Can’t blame them for wanting to be careful. For Mexicans who visit Arizona it must be downright frightening. Does Arizona really want them to stop coming over?

Each day, more than 65,000 Mexican residents are in Arizona to work, visit friends and relatives and shop, according to a University of Arizona study sponsored by the Arizona Office of Tourism. While there, the Mexican visitors spend more than $7.35 million daily…

Pile that on with all of the boycotts, Arizona.

At the Mexico City airport Tuesday, Mexicans heading for the U.S. said they were very troubled by the new law. “It’s humiliating,” said Modesto Perez, who lives in Illinois. “It’s really ugly.”

It is really ugly. Ugly and humiliating just like he says.  

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