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From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Chaos in Ukraine parliament as Russia deal ratified

by Anya Tsukanova, AFP

2 hrs 19 mins ago

KIEV (AFP) – Ukraine’s parliament erupted into chaos on Tuesday as deputies scuffled and hurled smoke bombs during a tumultuous session that ratified a bitterly contested deal with Russia extending a naval base lease.

Despite the extraordinary scenes that saw parliament — the Verkhovna Rada — filled with smoke, lawmakers ratified the deal to extend the stay of the Russian Black Sea fleet until at least 2042, denounced by the opposition as a sell-out for Ukraine.

The uproar started when the parliament speaker, Volodymr Lytvyn, was pelted with a volley of a dozen eggs, forcing him to duck for cover behind black umbrellas held by two aides.

Greenwald: Obama DoJ prosecutes Bush corruption whistleblower, but not Bush war crimes

    The Obama Justice Department (on April 15th 2010)* announced that it has secured a ten-felony-count indictment against Thomas Drake, an official with the National Security Agency during the Bush years.  


    (T)he DOJ alleges “that between approximately February 2006 and November 2007, a newspaper reporter published a series of articles about the NSA,” and it claims “Drake served as a source for many of those articles, including articles that contained classified information.”


    Although the indictment does not specify Drake’s leaks, it is highly likely (as Shane also suggests) that it is based on Drake’s bringing to the public’s attention major failures and cost over-runs with the NSA’s spying programs via leaks to The Baltimore Sun.


Bold text and some editing* done by the diarist

   The indictment of Thomas Drake has NOTHING to do with the illegality of the Bush warrantless wiretapping program, rather, it has to do with Drake’s uncovering of major failures and cost over-runs within the domestic spying program. As Greenwald writes . . .

    I used to write post after post about how warped and dangerous it was that the Bush DOJ was protecting the people who criminally spied on Americans (Bush, Cheney Michael Hayden) while simultaneously threatening to prosecute the whistle-blowers who exposed misconduct.  But the Bush DOJ never actually followed through on those menacing threats; no NSA whistle-blowers were indicted during Bush’s term (though several were threatened ).  It took the election of Barack Obama for that to happen, as his handpicked Assistant Attorney General publicly boasted yesterday of the indictment against Drake.


Bold text added by the diarist

    Wait, wait, wait! If Obama’s DoJ is prosecuting crimes from the Bush era isn’t that an act of “Looking backwards, not forward”? ( and yes, revealing state secrets, even if done for the good of the public as whistleblowers do, is still illegal. )

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Beware of Greeks bearing debt

  The news started today with S&P downgrading Greek bonds to junk. It wasn’t just the sovereign debt that became junk, but also the debt of many of the major Greek banks as well.

  This dramatically increases the risk of default because junk rated bonds cannot be swapped for Euro-backed bonds, and this has markets very worried.

 Investors in Greek bonds may get back between 30 percent and 50 percent of the value of their holdings should the government default or restructure its debt, S&P said.

America’s Elite Are Immoral

Simulposted at Daily Kos

Yes it is true.

America’s Financial Elite are immoral and avaricious. Willing to kill people rather than pay for them to be healed, willing to throw people out of their homes as they bet against, and thus effect, the economy that puts the food on our tables for our children to eat.

The Hypocrisy of Arizona and the South West

It’s beyond bad enough to see what Arizona has done and listen to the arguments, especially from certain corners of this society, justifying the Jim Crow or Nazi like ruling. Why Nazi, because it quickly comes to mind the Laws passed in Germany as to the Jews and other groups back when. Jim Crow should already be well understood in this country, unless from Texas as they seem to like re-visionist history writing.

But lets look at what’s well known about the South West and the present, especially coming out of Arizona.

Open Sunrise


Arizona: All Hail The Emerging Police State

Arizona has apparently decided to use its police force as an instrument to oppress and harass Mexican appearing people within its borders.  And, as you might expect from a police state, it is doing so at the expense of protecting citizens and diverting law enforcement from its traditional functions, enforcing the penal laws.

Linda Greenhouse, who usually writes about the Supreme Court for the New York Times, had an op-ed yesterday, “Breathing While Undocumented,” that captures Arizona as the emerging police state it truly is:

What would Arizona’s revered libertarian icon, Barry Goldwater, say about a law that requires the police to demand proof of legal residency from any person with whom they have made “any lawful contact” and about whom they have “reasonable suspicion” that “the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States?” Wasn’t the system of internal passports one of the most distasteful features of life in the Soviet Union and apartheid-era South Africa?

And in case the phrase “lawful contact” makes it appear as if the police are authorized to act only if they observe an undocumented-looking person actually committing a crime, another section strips the statute of even that fig leaf of reassurance. “A person is guilty of trespassing,” the law provides, by being “present on any public or private land in this state” while lacking authorization to be in the United States – a new crime of breathing while undocumented. The intent, according to the State Legislature, is “attrition through enforcement.”

The rest of the op-ed is definitely worth reading.  But there’s another point that deserves to be made about the Arizona statute.

Hawkings on Aliens

Stephen says we should not but I find it far more plausible to accept the fact we already have.


All because of a study done years ago saying “we” can’t handle the truth.


On This Day in History: April 27

On this day in 1805, Naval Agent to the Barbary States, William Eaton, the former consul to Tunis, led an small expeditionary force of Marines, commanded by First Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon, and Berber mercenaries from Alexandria, across 500 miles to the port of Derna in Tripoli. Supported by US Naval gunfire, the port was captured by the end of the day, overthrowing Yusuf Karamanli, the ruling pasha of Tripoli, who had seized power from his brother, Hamet Karamanli, a pasha who was sympathetic to the United States.

Lt. O’Bannon raised the US flag over the port, the first time the US flag had flown over a foreign battlefield. He had performed so valiantly that newly restored Pasha Hamet Karamanli presented him with an elaborately designed sword that now serves as the pattern for the swords carried by Marine officers. The words “To the shores of Tripoli” in the Marine Corps official song commemorate the battle.



On This Day


Docudharma Times Tuesday April 27

Tuesday’s Headlines:

The heart disease trifecta

Stephen Hawking aliens alert: a premature or primative fear?


Goldman Faces New Mortgage Allegations

Both sides in immigration debate blame congressional inaction for Arizona law


Jaroslaw Kaczynski to follow in late brother’s presidential footsteps

NATO chief calls for better coordination between member states

Middle East

When will time run out for a two-state solution?

Disqualification of Iraqi MPs jeopardises political stability


IPL ringmaster suspended as scandal fallout sparks Parliament protest

Thailand: Red Shirts disrupt Bangkok’s elevated train service


Visible from space, deadly on Earth: the gas flares of Nigeria

Is this the Happy Valley murderer?

Muse in the Morning

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Obama Superman

Clark Kent

Obama’s critics constantly portray him as a “weak-livered pole-cat!”


But after the passage of Obama’s landmark healthcare reform, the child-like faith of Obamabots all over America was apparently justified! Although…

Lois Lane

Hard-boiled editor Perry White wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as Lois Lane, because…


Obamacare depends on $455 billion in spending cuts from Medicare!  

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