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Back to the Artificial Environment & Back Again

I drive home from having been with the Earth Mother for any length of time and feel clarity about our artificial environment. The longer I’ve been with her, the more profound the clarity is. I stare straight in the face of “progress” as phone lines, gas stations, and eventually the hazy horizon over the city appears.


I can’t help the feeling of wrongness I feel, though I can see some progress is useful, schools are for example. Still, I can’t help the feeling of wrongness. This isn’t meant to be a judgment of the wrongness of civilization, but by the time I describe this feeling; it probably will be.

Homeland Insecurity Catch-22

This is an essay about what’s wrong with Amerika since DHS was invented. I am thoroughly pissed, and am about to reveal extremely personal information about myself because… because… it doesn’t fucking matter what I care to reveal about myself, since I have been officially informed by both state and federal authorities that I do not exist.

Now, that designation wasn’t a problem back when we were involved in some serious skullduggery on the ‘official’ federal level investigations end of things nasty and nuclear, but that was more than 30 years ago. We’ve lived a quiet life for the most part since then, and just live on our homestead and work wherever we can for enough money to stay. Grow some food, raise some kids and grandkids, do a little entertaining here and there as clowns, puppeteers, jugglers and fire-eaters. Being officially non-existent on the skullduggery end so the nuclear mafia will stop shooting is fine. Being officially non-existent in the real world and still having to pay taxes is downright ridiculous.

Deal is, my Mother-In-Law is dying in another state, last parent we’ve got on the planet. Hubby and I flew out there a couple of months ago to get her into assisted living, but she lasted less than a month before having to be hospitalized with end-game dementia and unidentified infection. She’s in the hospital and going down fast. So it was decided I should fly out there again to help spell other family per the death-watch, as hubby won’t have time off again until late May.

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 One dead in Bangkok grenade attacks

by Thanaporn Promyamyai, AFP

1 hr 22 mins ago

BANGKOK (AFP) – A series of grenade attacks rocked central Bangkok on Thursday, killing one person and injuring more than 50, including foreigners, amid a tense stand-off between groups of rival protesters.

Five grenades were fired into a crowd in the capital’s business district, said army spokesman Sunsern Kaewkumnerd, where pro-government demonstrators were facing off with their rival “Red Shirts”.

One Thai woman died, according to a local hospital, after the grenades hit the mass of pro-government supporters. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva immediately called an emergency meeting with security officials.

Drill, Baby, Drill Pt II


YEah, baby.

Another fine idea there president O’Bush.  

Peter Orszag Ready to Cash Out of Obama Cabinet ?

Say it ain’t so, Peter!

Bloomberg News and HuffPo reporting that the White House’s Budget director and bonne vivant “deficit hawk” (sic) Peter Orszag may be considering taking the first lifeboat off the Titanic  leaving President Barack Obama’s cabinet soon.


Orszag will make his decision soon, according to a person familiar with the matter, Bloomberg BusinessWeek will report in its April 26 issue. The 41-year-old budget director had been signaling to White House officials that he didn’t plan to remain for the next budget cycle, the person said.

“Signaling ?”  

Per Reuters, a spokesperson for the Office of Budget and Management, Kenneth Baer, said that it was merely “idle speculation” and that he was “focused on his job.”


The Obama Bipartisan “Debt Commission” is scheduled to meet at the White House next Tuesday the 27th.  


The President is scheduled to speak, followed by remarks from Orszag and Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, who was roasted yesterday in a House hearing before the Financial Services Committee. Most inspiring video and transcript here: https://www.docudharma.com/diar…

No doubt Orszag, who has been following North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad’s conservative views on freezing the domestic budget (and blaming it for deficits)  while expanding the military one, is not really looking forward to it as much as the Republicans are.

My earlier diary, on just “Who is Peter Orszag ? ”   https://www.docudharma.com/diar…

Officially called the Bipartisan Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, the new fiscal watchdog grouping is intended to find ways to bring public spending in line with revenues and slim down massive government borrowing.

It is to offer recommendations to the White House by December 1 to get spending and income back into better balance so deficits fall to 3 percent of total national output by 2015.

Dont forget that War Supplemental Budget for FY 2011 is still pending before Congress and needs to be approved soon-  what’s another $33 Billion for Afghanistan, and $159 billion for the rest of the mid eastern occupation,  off the regular budget, between friends ?

Kewl. No wonder Arizona is leading the way on the plan to deport 20 million American residents who weren’t able to obtain legal status because of our border paranoia and chintzy, racist immigration laws.  Because there is nothing like pandering to the mythology that if you just remove your scapegoat enemies from the territory, you’re going to solve all your own self made problems.  

Open Cool

OTW :: Mother Honor

I am that I am,

I am beauty,

I am peace,

I am joy,

I am one with Mother Earth.

I am one with everyone within the reach of my voice.

In this togetherness, we ask the divine intelligence

to eradicate all negatives from our hearts,

from our minds and from our actions.

And so be it….ashe.

~ Babatunde Olatunji

Earth Day… see also… Robyn, AndyS, Jamess and Eddie C. (so far!)

For Your Consideration: Yes, They are Serious, Nevada Senate Race Edition

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may have nothing to worry about if this is an example of the caliber of Republican candidates that are vying to challenge him in November.

Bill Black’s eye-popping opening statement at House Fin Serv hearing on Lehman Bros. failure

Courtesy of Firedoglake.com…


Minority Views and Majority Realities

Throughout the whole of my life, I have felt outside the norm.  The Methodism of my boyhood preached that, as a devout Christian, I should expect to be frequently misunderstood, feared, and at times distrusted by the rest of society.  Based on my Southern roots and the political convictions I grew to espouse, in addition to the company I kept, I continued to feel out of step with the majority point of view in all kinds of ways.  If this was supposed to be an essential component of living the Christian life, then it was not a difficult one to adopt.  When, years later, I became a Quaker, it wasn’t hard at all to accept that many would not comprehend what I believed.  Shortly before I converted, I read a book front to cover which stated that Friends were used to being thought of as peculiar and eccentric.  Those words cemented my decision to become a Convinced Friend.  For years I wore a nonconformist’s identity like a badge of honor, though my secret desire, barely even vocalized to myself, was always that I might find greater acceptance and understanding.  Having achieved this, I believe that I would find the comfort granted to those not consistently marginalized and discounted by the majority.  

Earth Day Enlightenment


On this Earth Day, I thought a few graphics might be in order, in honor of our planet…or home…the place where we all live.  And to make it a little bit more interesting than just some pixels fighting for your attention, I shall all some words to go with (as we used to say in Milwaukee).

There will be quite a few new graphics and a few old ones, like the one over to the right.  It only seemed fitting that I start off with a planet, since we live on one.

As always, clicking on one of the graphics should open a larger version in a new tab.

We (Women’s Studies) are offering our students here at Bloomfield College (just outside of Newark in northeastern New Jersey) free t-shirts today and the materials to paint their own shirts.  If it weren’t for the fact that I had meetings to attend today, I’d go take pictures and share them.  But I do have an important meeting (the first I will attend with the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, which I am moving to in the fall…or maybe I am moving there today, at least psychologically).

On Tuesday we offered Dirt:  the Movie.  I’ll be adding some words about our war against that which brought us to be and which we still need to sustain us:  the soil under our feet.

Please Remember Haiti

My son just got back from a week in Haiti.  Haiti was impoverished beyond belief before the earthquake.  And now it is difficult to describe the pervasive suffering.  His descriptions bring me to tears.

And then there’s this:

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (AP) — After the Haitian national soccer team couldn’t eat another bite of chef-prepared pork or ice cream, and before going back to its cabins at a Texas resort, coach Jairo Rios asked for a favor.

Tents. As many as they could haul back to Haiti.

”I eat well here. I sleep well,” forward Charles Herold Jr. said in French, speaking through a translator. ”But I cannot help but think of my friends and family who don’t have that. I can’t get that off my mind.”

I can’t get that off my mind either.  I hope you won’t be able to get it off your mind.  The futbol players can’t get it off their minds, either:

Players are already wrestling with the guilt of their relatively better fortunes. Forward Eliphene Cadet, 29, escaped from his house in Port-au-Prince after the roof caved on him and two children.

Leaving Haiti meant leaving his family in a tent in a field, near where his house once stood. Other players left their families in similar conditions.

”All the guys talk about it,” Cadet said. ”I know that they’re here. There are still tremors now. That’s our biggest worry.”

So as the rains come, shelter is extremely important.  And of course medical aid continues to be important.  And, of course, drinking water and sanitation are critical.

There are so many of us, and we have so much.  Can we use this essay to develop a list of organizations that will accept our small donations to continue aid in Haiti?  Can we work together on this?  Can we make some donations?


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