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Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

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Anyone Interested in a Little Two For Tuesday?

Last week I started a weekly social diary at Firefly-Dreaming. For most of my life Tuesdays were made more interesting by a tradition at what was once a great radio station, WNEW-FM. A station that introduced progressive rock to New York City, changed a generation from pop singles to album oriented and in maturity deserved the slogan “Where Rock Lives.” The tradition that people from other cities probably remember from other stations was called “Two for Tuesday.”I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating here. This week’s is a little personal and a little political.  

Did you ever get the feeling that if there was one place on earth to be, that you had picked that place? Did you ever really blow it?

Welcome to a second installment of Two For Tuesday. The first went back in time to Glam Rock and this one progresses to a updated version of Folk Rock. As I mentioned all these diaries will be about the nostalgia of WNEW-FM, where rock once lived in NYC.

Today a memory of someone who woke me up for many years, morning Deejay Dave Herman who was greatly responsible for launching Bruce Springsteen in the Big Apple. Here in NYC we were a bit backwards in the Bruce Springsteen department. He did not become “the Boss” here until his third album “Born to Run.” Across the river in New Jersey by the third album everyone either went to high school with Bruce, dated his sister or had seen him ten times in the Stone Pony but New Yorkers were a little slow on the uptake. So Dave Herman, who was also the father of the dreaded midnight oldie began a morning tradition called “Bruce Juice.”

And on that note, I have a “Wow I should have had a V-8 story,” or the ultimate “Oh boy did I blow it.” It was the somewhere in the mid seventies and I was a huge Springsteen fan. Much because of the urging of Bruce himself I also became a fan of Southside Johnny. So when Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes went on sale at the Capital Theatre I got two tickets. I was looking forward to the show but something came up, a chance to work another concert in Manhattan. I can’t even remember what the other show is now but the choice seemed easy, see one band and get a paycheck or drive all the way out to the Soviet Union to see another and get stinking drunk. So I gave the Southside ticket to my brother and he went with my buddy Guy while I worked whatever.  

Sometime early the next morning when my load out ended I drove home to the Bronx for a nightcap at the Green Isle Pup. It was know as the place on Bainbridge Ave. “where good friends meet” and sure enough there was my brother and Guy. I asked about Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and was surprised to hear both of them say “the show wasn’t that good.” I did not know that they were just trying to put off my pain and suffering. So with very little talk about their concert and a whole lot of talk about my concert we did the cycle and headed home to bed. For you nonprofessionals, the cycle is when the patron buys three and the bartender buys one.  

When the alarm clock went off in the morning, as always it was Dave Herman and he said something like this;

Wow that had to be the greatest concert of all time. Last night Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes were scheduled to rock the Capital Theater in Passaic, New Jersey. But there was a surprise appearance. Joining the Jukes on the stage was Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Such is life. Below the fold, a little Two for Tuesday Bruce Juice!  

Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

My health insurance bill. Just for your amusement.

Democrats have tried to pawn off failure as success.  But while this may work for a while, among people that you didn’t notify or who, in your rhetoric, don’t “understand enough” let me show you something I do understand.

I work in a tiny company of 4 people.  We have no option, I have to get my health insurance from the individual market.

Here are my health insurance bill for the last 3 months.  From Aetna, if you want to know.

The first bill, from january is $888.86.  Of which, they say, I paid $387.88.  I paid actually $400.00, not that you would know it from Aenta’s bill.  This was for coverage from 12/24/2009 through 3/1/2010.

The second bill (a month afterwards), February is $1456.23.  They say I paid $202.76.  In reality, due to an error with my monthly banking, I paid $312.00 (but not $202.76).  The bill is $1456.23.  This is for the period of 1/12/2010 through 4/1/2010.  

The third bill (a month after that) is $2175.13.  Of which they say I paid $389.64.  (I really paid $400).  This is for the period of 2/3/2010 through 6/1/2010.

In each of the above events, I have gotten a refund check saying I “overpaid”. Yet I am on final notice, and cancellation notice, for the following things.  

What I realize is that I have due to financial circumstances underpaid my bill for a while.  But this does not explain the variant inexplicable coverage periods or charges.  

I tried calling their billing department today, they say they don’t understand why my bill reflects payments that have no earthly comparison to the payments I made.

This is the same insurance company that has steadfastly refused, since the inception of my relationship with it, to pay ANY bills related to my health care.  And I have been with them for 10 years.

I have not paid attention to what is going on with them and their rate increases, true.  My bills are paid automatically and I have been busy.  Look at the increases, though.  They didn’t cancel my coverage, precisely, they just jacked up rates beyond imagination, for no identifiable reason, in an ever spiraling cascade of ridiculous bills and non-explicable references to payments not in the amount I made, coupled with refunds for no earthly reason, over a 3 month period.

New Low for DD: Removing an Essay

ON the very same subject that Buddhy brought up.  It was clearly a response to his.

Very shameful.

Very clueless.  

Look At My Post, My Post Is Amazing!

Popular Culture 20100412: Bewitched

Bewitched was an extremely popular TeeVee show, beginning in the early 1960s.  It starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, the witch who fell in love with a mortal, Dick York as Darrin, the mortal who in turn fell in love with her, and the great actress Agnes Moorehead as Endora, Samantha’s mum.

Endora did not like Darrin very much.  She did not like mortals very much, and I think that that was part of the success of the show.  There was some tension there.

The supporting actors were pretty good, too, for such a silly show.  Agnes Kravets would always see them doing magick, but her husband, Abner, always just missed it, and thought that Agnes was daft.

Active-Duty Military Tea-Bag

I shouldn’t be surprised by this, I really shouldn’t, but, I am.

A new Tea Party group, Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots, has grown quickly since being launched last month by an active duty Marine Corps sergeant. The group, which vows to “stand up on the very soil we defended to preserve common sense conservatism and defend our Constitution that is threatened by a tyrannical government,” currently has over 400 members, who have signed up through its Facebook page, though many are not active duty military. And it has close ties to the broader Tea Party movement.

It is indeed in the military oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies – foreign and domestic. And, I don’t dispute this statement:

Many people in the military “feel like they can’t speak out against Obama or Congress,” said Stein. “The armed forces should have a little bit more say than we think we do,” he said.

Yes, those in the military are allowed to have opinions, even political opinions. But, if that opinion is based on right-wing falsehoods, that opinion can become dangerous to the military as a whole.

The Last of Lasthorseman:They Pull You Back In

For many reasons. On my last unemployment extension, old root canals are breaking apart, the tumor on my leg is getting bigger and I met my sociomom’s head doctor and I have absolutely no business loping hyper horses down rocky trails at my age, 54 with only the Mass mandatory junk insurance.

One both left and right leaning political places my often hyperbolic rhetoric is falling on deaf ears.  Thus I am wasting my time in venues oriented towards political anything.

I do understand my worldview has developed into something normal people just don’t understand as such comments and essays are interpreted as rude crude impolite and or other technobabble of freeping the narrowminded tracks of threads.  Whatever.  I am not now, nor have I ever been racist or any other non-PC label you may decide to assign to me based upon essays,comments, the permanently searchable internet digital records of the very persona Lasthorseman.

I am a 54 year old kid and my three year old grandson can tell you so.


Rumors One and Two: Dr. Suess Thing One and Thing Two

Downloaded a song?  Got 50,000 British pounds?  No trial required.



It has become apparent to me that many Americans

do just not understand how our monetary system works.  And this is the reason they don’t understand how we’re being stolen from.  

We have to start from a common understanding if we are to have a meaningful conversation with other American People.  This grew out of a misunderstanding I had with my dad, tonight, out of an idea he had, that, without this understanding, he could not possibly understand what I was getting at, relative to non-corporatist ideas that there is infinite wealth chasing limited resources.

This series of videos leads you through, step by step, how the wealthy, in essence, create wealth, how they use this wealth, to translate into power, and how this power actually leads to a completely unlevel playing field.  

It does not matter how much WORK you do; because work only imperfectly translates into wealth, in our monetary system.  If you believe that America is, for example, exceptional, one idea of how this exceptionalism works is that, for instance, by “hard work”, you can rise above the flock.  Why this is relative, and why this doesn’t work, mystifies people, because they don’t really understand a system that is not backed by something.  They can’t possibly imagine a system backed by NOTHING.

They should watch these videos, one by one.

About Posting Youtubes – You Need To Know This

Youtube has recently changed it’s default embed format.

The older format had a default video embed width of, in most cases, 425 pixels.

The new format, which you now get when you grab “embed” code from a youtube page, has a default width of in most cases 640 pixels, and in some cases even wider, up to about 960 pixels.

If you just copy and paste video embed code from the youtube site to DD, you WILL break the page here.

Youtubes wider than 500 pixels are too wide for the essay column on the pages at DD, and it breaks the sidebars by ‘pushing’ them out to the right to accommodate a youtube wider than the banner at the top which is the width of the essay column.

When you embed a youtube it will be a lot easier on this site, and on your eyes and everyone elses, if you resize it to a something like 500 pixels wide. (see example below)

The DD banner at the top is 580 pixels wide, so you can easily see what will happen to the pages here if you post a youtube wider than that.

Yes, Enough With the Daily Kos Nonsense

Daily Kos is Dead. I know, it still gets a lot of traffic. And a lot of the Democratic establishment stop by to rally their little neofascist soldiers. But as a hub for progressive change, as a base for the people power movement: Daily Kos is Dead.

It died when Markos Moulitsas came out and threatened to primary challenge one of the best progressives in the Democrat party. Though the site’s downfall as something useful for anyone other than Moulitsas’s wallet and the party hacks to wanting to spread propaganda and raise money had been ongoing for some time, especially after the site started getting airtime mentions on teevee and every nutjob from here to moon city started spamming their nonsense there (it kind of reminds me of that scene in “Contact” with the alien people) Moulitsas’s attack on Kucinich kind of sealed the deal. Moulitsas is now working for the other team, fully incorporated into the corporatist media complex, and hilariously, sounding not much differently from his arch nemesis Joe Klein. And there will be no way that anything that challenges the probama hegemony will ever thrive there. The game is rigged.

But that’s okay. Daily Kos’s 15 minutes are up. He may very well turn it into another Politico or some other corporatist friendly site. But as a progressive hub, it’s over. Get over it. Move on. Orange is an ugly color anyway.

And besides, progressive is a bad word there now. Haven’t you heard?

I had hoped this site could become more than a shadow of the GOS. A hub of its own. If that’s not possible, I just registered three new domain names (dailyprogressive.com, .org, and .net). I’d rather start from scratch then keep suffering through the sloppy seconds of a site that has become a parody of itself. You guys decide what you want to do. We can replace DKos and be the new hub for real progressives who aren’t still deluding themselves about what just happened in the last election, or we can keep wallowing in orange shadows and letting this war against the corporatists party hacks distract us from real political solutions. You can guess what I’m going to do.

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