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Guardian self-censors El Baradei “war crimes” interview; US media blackout.

The Guardian originally ran an interview with former IAEA chief and Nobel prize recipient Mohammed El Baradei, wherein El Baradei suggests that the million-plus innocent dead in Iraq is a war crime based on lies smoke-screening resource wars.  

El Baradei, as originally quoted by The Guardian:

“I would hope that the lessons of Iraq, both in London and in the US, have started to sink in,” he said.

“Sure, there are dictators, but are you ready every time you want to get rid of a dictator to sacrifice a million innocent civilians? All the indications coming out of [the Chilcot inquiry] are that Iraq was not really about weapons of mass destruction but rather about regime change, and I keep asking the same question – where do you find this regime change in international law? And if it is a violation of international law, who is accountable for that?”

“Western policy towards this part of the world has been a total failure, in my view. It has not been based on dialogue, understanding, supporting civil society and empowering people, but rather it’s been based on supporting authoritarian systems as long as the oil keeps pumping.”

Waste, Corruption, and Budget Deficits

  The critics of Health Care Reform have a point – its expensive. At least $940 Billion worth of expensive over a 10 year period, maybe more. Sure, almost all of it is off-set by taxes and fees.

  But what if I was to tell you that I knew of a way to pay for it, and more, without raising taxes or making any cuts at all?

 It sounds too good to be true, right?

And yet its still true. The trick is hidden in a GAO report from three weeks ago that didn’t get any media attention.

 Improper Payments: Federal entities reported estimates of improper payment amounts that totaled $98.7 billion for fiscal year 2009, which represented about 5 percent of $1.9 trillion of reported outlays for the related programs.

That’s nearly $100 Billion in payments that should not have been made, and $26.2 Billion more than last year. Or to put it another way, that’s more than one year of the cost of health care reform right there.

Guardian self-censors El Baradei “war crimes” interview; US media blackout.


More Drunkenness (PBR edition)

Please make it stop.

I can’t be around them any more.

It’s hard, I can’t look,

I keep my head down,

And keep walking,

Their flimsy physiques,

The cockroach in their ears,

The cars, mindless hip-hop,

Steel and hard pavement,

Pillars of sand, and interstates,

Buy and sell and be sold,

And be ancient, and convicted,

I just had a PBR,

Can you tell that I am pissed off,

That I’m morose,

And bound by misanthropy?

She talks about war,

And saving her water,

And I spill it on the floor.

Pillars of sand.

There’s not much to do,

I won’t laugh, I’ll help,

Despite how much I hate them,

And I’ll eat onions from the field.

It’s struggle, struggle on,

Meditate, and carry on.

I can’t help but think we’re done.

It’s the minotaur in the shopping mall,

A one-eyed Moloch for our pleasure.

Fuck it, my eyes hurt,

From not caring,

Boundless compassion,

I miss the country.

Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Fresh criticism of Vatican clouds Easter weekend

by Francoise Kadri, AFP

53 mins ago

VATICAN CITY (AFP) – The Vatican on Saturday defended the pope’s personal preacher over remarks that likened attacks on the pontiff over priestly paedophilia to anti-Semitism, as the new row marred Easter weekend.

Jewish groups and those representing victims of abuse by Roman Catholic priests condemned Father Raniero Cantalamessa for quoting the comments, which he said were made in a letter from a Jewish friend, in his Good Friday sermon.

Rome’s chief rabbi Riccardo Di Segni told La Stampa on Saturday: “It’s an inappropriate parallel and of dubious taste.”

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