Why Did Kucinich Cave In To Obama?

I am totally shocked by what has happened.

It had appeared that Dennis Kucinich had Obama worried, rather than the other way around.

It appeared with Obama and Kucinich “discussing” Health Care on Air Force 1 no less, that the opportunity existed where Obama might possibly consider making a concession or two, just to secure Kucinich’s vote.

Suddenly, and sadly, Kucinich just gave in, and got absolutely nothing back in return.

While DKos, MoveOn.bored, and mainstream Democrats all publically threatened to oppose Kucinich and get their pay back and revenge on him, it is pretty well established that Kucinich is in a district which knows him well, and that re-elects him every two years — whether or not he faces a Primary challenge. I can’t see Kucinich caving just on something like empty “reelection” bluffs, hot air, and threats of this nature. Kucinich has been through all of that many times before and won the War.

Remember Dennis Kucinich is a guy who stared down the Bank Monopoly in Ohio before and won. He even faced an assassination attempt before and won.  This is a man not easily shaken. So why would Kucinich suddenly be so easily intimidated now?

What threat did Obama issue?  Black Ops?  Did his unconstitutional wiretapping program create or fabricate some embarrassing family story or personal smear?  Did Obama threaten Elizabeth Kucinich? Did Obama and Pelosi move to take away Kucinich’s SubCommittee Chair (something they’d never do to Joe Lieberman)? Was Dennis Kucinich’s life directly threatened?

In his announcement today, Kucinich said absolutely nothing to endorse the bill on any its so-called “merits”. He even condemned the bill, even as he stated simultaneously that he must submit a yes vote. This makes no sense. Clearly, some unusual, and possibly criminal personal threat was made here.

Dennis Kucinich never just backs down and says “oh well, never mind“…

It is also clear that the U.S. Senate had, and still has, 50 Senators willing to vote in favor of a public option, if the House sends it to them (which Nancy Pelosi has assured they won’t at Obama’s own request).

If the resistence and pressure from the Left had refused to back down, perhaps some improvements could’ve been made to an otherwise terribly bad, awful bill.

But nothing has changed. As Michael Moore pointed out, there is no true “ban on preexisting conditions“. That talking-point is a complete falsehood.  First of all, the clause does not even kick in for 4 whole years, so the Insurance Companies can deny care and eligibility all that they want to for the next 4 whole years.  Secondly, when the clause does kick in, it only imposes just a very small penalty (a fine) if they reject people. So for an Insurance Company, it is going to be much cheaper for them to pay a simple $5000 fine, then it would ever be to cover a citizen with a health problem of any consequence (especially someone with a past cancer diagnosis).  So, this is all just a big lie. There is no “ban on pre-existing conditions”.

The other completely false talking point is that” “the bill will get 30 million new people covered.”  It does nothing of the kind.  All the bill does is to mandate that people write horribly expensive checks to the Insurance Monopolies, and become their victims and slaves — with no choices and no options.  But no actual “care” is ever assured. The Insurance Companies set all the rules, and can continue to deny treatments, deny surgeries, deny tests, and even terminate your entire policy (for a small fine) if you get too expensive.

So the entire rationale for this bill that is being made by Obama, the Democrats in Congress, and even so-called “progressive” groups like MoveOn.dog   is a lie.

It’s a LIE folks. But, unlike others who don’t even bother to read the fine print, Dennis Kucinich knows all of this.

So why did he cave?

The Remarkable Depth Of Obama’s Lies.

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  2. We won’t know all the details, but when push comes to shove–‘our’ guys always fall over.

    What threat did Obama issue?  Black Ops?  Did his unconstitutional wiretapping program create or fabricate some embarrassing family story or personal smear?  Did Obama threaten Elizabeth Kucinich? Was Dennis Kucinich’s life directly threatened?

    All of these things are possible.  

  3. So Kucinich made these remarks today, but they still make no real sense:

    “We have to be very careful that the potential of President Obama’s presidency not be destroyed by this debate. And I feel, even though I have many differences with him on policy, there’s something much bigger at stake here for America.”

          –Congressman Dennis Kucinich

    What is being destroyed here is the position of the progressive Left, and what is being protected (aggressively by Obama himself at each and every turn) is the Insurance Monopoly/Pharma Monopoly position.

    The debate has been abysmal precisely because of the hard line where Obama himself preemptively set the debate. No choice. No cost control. Mandates on abusive subservitude to the Insurance Monopoly. No actual health care assured. And a stubborn determination to block and bury any momentum on behalf of Medicare expansion, Medicare buy-in, Public option, or easing laws on States to allow them to experiment.

    The success of Obama’s Presidency therefore is irrelevant to any forward movement on Health Care. Obama has staked out his ground and pick the winners (Insurance, BigPharma) and losers (the people who now have to face IRS arrest, while getting only a broken system).

    I don’t see “what is bigger at stake for America” by getting in line to support this total ripoff and policy hypocrisy and madness.

    Obama himself doomed the whole Obama presidency, by casting his lot with the Corporations, the Bush administration on War/Terror/”Justice”/CIA corruption, and shutting down all the grassroots supporters and energy that got him elected.

    That was his choice.

    That is the side (Establishment) that Obama is fighting for.

    There is therefore nothing to protect here.

  4. explained that he’s such a f’up that the Dems are likely to get rolled in 2010 and 2012 without Obamacare getting passed, and that the 30 million who supposedly get covered will be so greatful that they’ll vote for Dems forever.

    Which only works if people don’t find out that it actually is a pretty worthless bill.


    I think I’m gonna change my sig.

  5. You have to make yourself relevant.

    And if you never compromise you are not relevant.

    He made Obama court him, you do not know what he got, and next time Obama is forced to court him he will get more.

    Kucinich as a relevant force is good. Kucinich ignored as ‘an obstructionist’ is irrelevant.

    It’s called politics.

    • Big Tex on March 18, 2010 at 3:15 am

    we as progressives have no representation in Washington.  None.  Even the ones like Kucinich and Sanders care more about protecting their own interests than in standing up for ours.  Sanders calls himself an independent, but he’s a Democrat in everything but name.  He’s better than most, but still at his core a politician, not a leader.  Same with Kucinich.  They put their own interests first, the interests of their political donors second, the interests of the political racket party they belong to third, and our interests dead last.

  6. According to a poster at 911blogger.com, Kucinich promised on 4 separate occasions that he would do a Congressional investigation of 911.

    Didn’t happen, now, did it?

    This sorry incident shows why we need a fully serious analog to The Progressive Change Campaign Coalition (boldprogressives.org). PCCC is only a half step in the right direction.

    A fully serious PCCC would have called out Obama for his healthcare lies and demanded an apology from him, would have eviscerated kos for his recent bad-mouthing of Kucinich, and now, sadly, would also go after Kucinich, and demand an apology from him.

  7. …It will just take me a bit longer, and a bit more information before I can summarily criticize Dennis.  I’ll just have to wait until more facts emerge.

  8. they are adding. With fixes like these the bill will end up being impossible to sell or maybe not. The catapulting of propaganda is so thick this may just get buried.

    Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO Chief, Called To White House Over Last Minute Health Care Flare Up

    On Wednesday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was called into an unplanned meeting at the White House to discuss late-stage negotiations on a proposed tax on high-end insurance plans. According to sources familiar with what transpired, congressional leaders had begun discussions earlier in the day (perhaps last night) about accelerating the tax’s impact in order to produce more savings under the president’s revised health care bill.

    Is this what’s holding up the CBO report?


  9. of government. Presently, the party system is dysfunctional, as the participants jockey for position amongst themselves, oblivious to their constitutional

    responsibilities. I’ve never before seen such a disconnect between the results of a national election and the actual response of the legislative and executive branches (to those results).

    Both parties were certainly aware of the health care crisis, but could not risk losing the financial contributions of the companies by threatening their profits. From day one, this consideration hung around their necks like a noose.

    Emanual probably told Obama not to stick his neck in the noose either. This will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders ever, as if there were any comparison at all that could be made between Clinton’s 92′ victory and Obama’s landslide during an economic meltdown. Their frame of reference was simply idiotic.

    Playing it safe in the face of urgent reform silenced the only national figure who could have overcome the institutional obstacles; the President. He kicked the people to the side of the street for foolish political calculation that was way off the mark. And he’s trying to save himself now. It certainly is not about saving the people.

    The only way that reform could have addressed the pre-existing condition issue, issues of annual caps and recission, the control of spiraling cost issues and the inability of millions to even afford insurance was to create legitimate competition for the big insurance companies. Such competition would also have guaranteed that the best and necessary procedures would be available in all policies, because it would have been available in the competitive government sponsored option.

    Whether it was an expansion of medicare, a real public option or another legitimate method of competition, the insurance companies would have had to compete somehow. That would have had the effect of controlling the costs and provisions of their own contracts. With the president and congress running AWAY from the key issues, this fiasco was inevitable. And talking about future amendments, resolutions and laws to make IT better is absurd, as if necessary medical care for Americans is something to be weighed against the profit margin of the insurance industry.

    Talking about Kucinich is very interesting, but IMHO it is like asking why the chicken wanted to cross the street.

  10. … he concluded today (in a different context):

    And speaking for all the wee little bloggers members of the House of Representatives who stand on top of our wee little pie wagons and inveigh in the great, long shadows of the Empire against the injustices of that Empire, believe me when I say that we comprehend the full weight of Moriarty’s warning to Holmes —

    You stand in the way not merely of an individual but of a mighty organization, the full extent of which, even you, with all your cleverness, have been unable to realize. You must stand clear, Mr. Holmes Kucinich, or be trodden under foot.

    • Xanthe on March 18, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    district.  Who knows?  Who cares?  Let’s move on – when I saw him pitching O’s presidency – I realized we need new blood.  Altho I understand Kucinich was a force – but it’s over.  

    Here’s the thing.  My needs, my life is not Obama’s success – it’s about the American people.  For me Obama is a failure. And I don’t want to waste more time on him.  What do we need – he doesn’t care – We need to begin the long, hard road of third party candidates.  I see no other way.  

  11. I always say, ignore what they say, follow what they do.

    Obama with the high-falutin rhetoric and the totally incongruous Repug-lite actions is a perfect example of whose speeches you should ignore.

    Dennis seemed to have more spine than most, except when he could really stop the insanity.

    This turd of a bill will help no one.  It’s like saying the problem of homelessness is over by mandating that everyone should buy a house.

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