Socialism 2010 – Chicago and Oakland.

Chicago: June 17 – 20

Oakland: July 1 – 4

With the economy in shambles and with wars and occupations continuing, the challenge to change these conditions confronts us all. More than a year ago, millions placed their hopes in Barack Obama and the Democrats to solve these problems. But after months of broken promises and concessions to conservatives, jobs are scarce, the banks are unregulated, and full equality for LGBT people remains elusive.

Socialism 2010 will be amongst the major Socialist meetings in the US this year. I attended Socialism 2009 in Chicago last year, and found it to be a worthwhile experience. If the activist in you needs to be recharged, or even if you go just to learn, Socialism 2010 should fit the bill. I’ll be attending Socialism 2010 in Chicago, and I look forward to meeting like minded people!

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  1. This is my one get out of the ol’ home town during the year, and it’s fun and informative!

  2. And I’m out of ideas for what can be done about it.

  3. it will be a challenge…..

    but it intersts me inside…..

    got that fealing in my belly button…..

    and I always try to pay attention to the button…

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