International Working Women’s Day – By V.I. Lenin

Original article, by V.I. Lenin (yep…him), via In Defence of Marxism:

“The working woman and the peasant woman are oppressed by capital, but over and above that, even in the most democratic of the bourgeois republics, they remain, firstly, deprived of some rights because the law does not give them equality with men; and secondly – and this is the main thing – they remain in “household bondage”, they continue to be “household slaves”, for they are overburdened with the drudgery of the most squalid, backbreaking and stultifying toil in the kitchen and the family household.” V.I.Lenin, March 4, 1921

The latest International Working Women’s Day was ‘celebrated’ on March 8, 2010. No parades. No mention in the press. No surprise.

As for Lenin…wow! He’s spot on in his analysis. He’s clear on the steps that the Revolution had and was planning to take. He actually sounds a call to arms which many of us would be happy to take up.

Damn Stalin and the corrupting and the stealing of the Revolution. Damn the rest of the world for not being able to work with a country trying a different system from what was ‘normal’ (much the same game as we’re playing with Venezuela and the Pink Tide in Central and South America…and much the same game we played with Cuba before Castro turned). If there is a better system to be had, someone has to try to get there first.

One doesn’t have to be a Marxist to appreciate what Lenin wrote here. One doesn’t even have to accept the need for the fall of Capitalism to see that women have been, and still are to a great extent, oppressed by our economic and social systems. Yes, we have made strides, but not nearly enough. The oppression will end when oppression itself is seen for the evil that it is.

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Perhaps, if we read what Lenin, Trotsky and the like actually wrote and believed we’ll get away from the caricatures we have been fed by the anti-Socialist system in which we live. If our socio-economic system is going to collapse, it’s imperative that we look toward those who have considered what is the alternative. Did Lenin have all of the answers? No…but then again nobody does.

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  1. Say what you will…he had an intersting vision of where things could end up.

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