For the Fifth International: A response to Chavez’s call

Original article via Socialist Appeal (UK):

The call issued by President Chavez to set up a new revolutionary international, the Fifth International, has provoked a passionate discussion in the ranks of the workers’ movement in Latin America and on a world scale. It is impossible for Marxists to remain indifferent to this question. What attitude should we take towards it?

Each of the prior four Internationals failed for various reasons. Is it reasonable to expect a new International to succeed where the others failed? Perhaps, for the lessons learned from the earlier Internationals may lead toward a successful organization.

The first question that needs to be answered is: do we need an International? Marxism is internationalist, or it is nothing. Already at the dawn of our movement, in the pages of the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels wrote: “The workers have no country.”

As the article makes clear, the capitalist system is international. The world market is international. It makes sense for international Socialism to work together. Of course, the question will be who would define what a socialist is, and who would deserve a seat at the International.

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Keep in mind that the largest ‘Communist’ country in the world, China, is that in name only. It is slowly transforming itself into an authoritarian/totalitarian capitalist state (perhaps the blueprint for other countries, such as the US and England, to follow. A new International would almost certainly be dominated by China if it were allowed in. The move toward a fifth International will be fascinating, and probably painful. It will be fascinating to see what, if anything, actually arises.

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