Final Breitbartocalypse Report: Interview with Institutional Left™

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Here it is, our last report on the disaster that is the Breitbartocalypse. We’ve got more from our in-the-field reporter, as well as an exclusive interview with the Policy Director of the Institutional Left™:

In case you missed our report from this morning:

And our report from last night:

The Breitbartoclypse touched down on the east coast at around 12:00am this morning. At this point, we’ve lost all contact with our in the field reporter and our secured location can no longer broadcast. Twitter remains one of the only tools of communications for individuals to get word out from inside the disaster zone. It appears that the last of the liberal media has crumbled. We’ve had all sorts of crazy rumors flying across the news desk today, which me made sure to report immediately and without the slightest verification.

We are now some 16 or 17 hours into a new reality, a conservative uptopia. The offices of the Institutional Left™ have been occupied by the Family and they are preparing their first initiative: the Texasification of all US School Books.