Brought Over. The Next Day. 20100315. Ides of March Edition

If you missed the initial piece, you can find it here.  This is a fictional body that incorporated vampires into science as it is understood, and gives them some humanity as well.

Athene is a very ancient vampire, and actually punched Aristotle in the nose once.  Tricia was just brought across, because Athene feel in love with her and would not allow her to die.  Athene is around 26 years old, except for the millenia, and Tricia is a real 23 years old.

“Athene, I am really hungry, and feel week.”

I kissed her forehead, cheeks, ears, nose, lips, chin, and neck, fast, like our kind can do.  She shivered in a very special place.  God, I am in love with her!

“Well, first have this whilst I cook for both of us.”  I gave her twenty iron tablets.  To keep her from straying and killing folks, iron is important.  Then I cooked a big pot of cream of wheat.  Soft food does our kind well, and I spiced it with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  I added extra water so that is was thin, but our kind sort of like extreme sensations, so I served it to both of us almost boiling.  You mortals would be badly injured with food that hot in your mouths, but for us, it is delectable.  We ate and ate.  Tricia became more strong and well.  It is not unusual for someone brought over to be very ill for a few days.

“Oh my God, I feel so much better!” She said.  “The pain in my cervix is gone.  You cured me, my lover!”  Then I received the sweetest kiss that I had ever had, in centuries of living.  Tricia tongue kissed me!  Then she said words that I could only have imagined.  “You know, I saw vampire movies and thought that they were funny.  This is not funny at all.  It is life changing, or in my case life saving.  I love you, Athene, not only for saving my life, but for loving me, and giving me the memories.  I can see Athens in my mind.  Oh, it is coming now.  You fucked Pericles?”

“Well, yes, but you have to understand the times then.  I was installed in the temple.  The important men came to us and used us for their ways.  In no way were we vestal “virgins”, we were pretty much whores, forced to submit to the men.  But he was sweet.  He never took advantage of me, but rather pretended to do so to make his men think that he was worthy.  Actually, he held me close and made it look like he penetrated me, and whispered, “My lovely girl, I will never take advantage of you.  But for my men to go away, they have to think that I did, so they will not want you.  Fucking you after the mighty Pericles would dishonor them, so pretend that I am violating you.  Scream out loud!

“He pretended to fuck me for almost an hour, and finally screamed, in Greek of course, “I’m cumming!”  I will not say that he did not touch me, because his hands on my breasts felt nice, but he never penetrated me.  His men watched the whole thing.  After he was “done”, he kissed me and then winked.  “You are no longer a virgin.  Leave this temple and carry my seed.”  See, Tricia, he got me off the hook there, and I was able to leave.  Of course, I could have punched him out, but this was Pericles.  He gave me a break, but he did know what I was.  He was never brought across, but he knew our power, and respected it, and helped me.”

“Why do I not remember the details?!  I thought that you fucked Pericles!  That is all that I remember!”, said Tricia.

“Tricia”, I said, “it takes a very long time for the details of our common memory to get in place.  You remember only the most intense ones, but as the virus develops your mind, you will get much more crisper details.  The most recent ones come first, but my affair with Pericles was almost 2700 years ago.  I guess that I was just thinking about him tonight, and our mental link started you to do so.  He was a very, very nice man.  I have nothing but love and respect for him.”

“Athene, I think that I remember how he looked, and how he smelled.  Tell me if I am wrong.  He was very attractive, with a dark beard and hair.  This is not from school.  But he smelled unique.  Something like fresh sea salt.”

“Tricia, you are assimilating faster than I could imagine!  He always went to the sea every morning and washed in the salty water!  You have my mind!  I wish that you could have met him.  He is not one of us, but I was honored to meet him.

Athene, I think that the cream of wheat is done, and I am so, so hungry!

We took it off of the stove and ate it, boiling.  Our regenerative advantage allowed us to swallow it almost boiling, with no injury.  You know that we packed it with sugar to keep our metabolism up as our kind require.  Finally, Tricia said

“My God, Athene!  I have never been so attracted to anyone else!   But I am sort of embarrassed to be a woman with another woman.  Know what I mean?”

“Yes, I do, but I have waited centuries for someone like you.  Luck of the draw.  You might as easily been a man, but it was YOU, the PERSON.  I care little about your gender (although I really enjoy stimulating it) but I care for YOU.  Anything that I can do to show that I love you is wonderful”

Tricia kissed me, this time meaning it.  I kissed her back.  After thousands of years, not only did I use my gift to help someone, that someone was now my lover.  Tears flowed down my face, and Tricia found them and licked them into her newly saved mouth.

After centuries, I was at ease, holding Tricia so close to me.  By the way, just because we can not be fertile does not mean that we do not enjoy trying!  She and I did the nastiest things, according to your mortal ideas, for over 12 hours.  There were many orgasms, and you mortals have no idea that the most intense that you have is nothing compared to ours.  That is a wonderful part of the gift.

Just fiction, but I think that it is OK.

Warmest regards,


Copyright 15 March 2010 by Dr. David W. Smith.  All rights reserved.