An Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Obama Musical Interlude

This is not a typical post for me.

Instead of writing a blog post and further destroying my wrists in the process, I figured I’d try something a little different.

Below you’ll find a video that I cobbled together from pictures I found online and designs created by my partner, a talented graphic designer who was kind enough to take a few moments to indulge me. I am not a film director, nor do I desire to be one.  It shows.

The song, however, is one that I think many people here will enjoy.  It’s called “Money Machine”, and it was recorded live at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta. The album is entitled Jeff’s Last Dance, by Kahler & Mullins. I was at this show. It’s just two guys singing, one of whom plays the hell out of the congas.  I suppose my affinity for this song results from the fact that I do possess an inner hippie (shhh!). The song is all about corporate greed & US militarism, but it actually manages to not sound cheesy.  In fact, it happens to rock.  I hope you enjoy my amateurish iMovie editing, which was intended to convey visually the sentiments expressed in the lyrics (with a bit of snarkiness).  Even if you dislike the editing, I hope you’ll enjoy the tune.