a discussion of the notion of change

Here we go again.

I would love to have a discussion about the notion of change itself.

The one caveate is no argueing,name calling or other disrespect period.

This is a discussion, and most likely will be a failure, but I will try one more time.

Change is not what u folks think it is.

Years ago I put forth the question what happens if our guys win and nothing changes.

From my perspective that has occured, so it is time for this conversation again.

What is change and how does one achieve it.

Any aspect of change is admissable as a piece of this topic but I would like to stay in the notion itself not a particular change.

I will say this tho I have changed and changed a great deal.

My world has not. What do we make of that.

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    • TMC on March 23, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    but only of I get my pony. You can keep the pie. They forgot to tell you it was a s**t pie.

  1. as we dicuss in blogs such as this……

    what say u………

  2. because of the dynamic betwen its precense or absence and the emergence of sociapathy in cultural groups…..

    but that it is not determinative of change……

  3. I don’t think government can’t work like a libertarian, or that government in general is bad and inefficient, by nature, that is to say, intrinsically, like a libertarian.

    I do think that this government has been taken over by the very people most libertarians admire, which is big corporations and that, to effect real change all that will happen or have to happen is that change on the ground will be effected by people and communities, not by our government, which operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton, Exxon, Aetna, and Microsoft.

    What will happen next is that Halliburton, Microsoft, Aetna and Exxon will discover that the people are cutting them out, and demand their piece of the new pie we create.  They are functioning every more openly as robber barons, and the Democrats are headlong participating.

  4. In her latest “calming the waters” video, AP tells us (Coffee Party members) to “be civil” with members of Congress and that “there is going to be a time for accountability, but for now…..”

    She is so comforting and fuzzy-wuzzy it makes me feel like…..taking a long nap.

    I don’t have the video link but your not missing much.

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