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Final Breitbartocalypse Report: Interview with Institutional Left™

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Here it is, our last report on the disaster that is the Breitbartocalypse. We’ve got more from our in-the-field reporter, as well as an exclusive interview with the Policy Director of the Institutional Left™:

President Sunshine and the Water Carriers


It’s Sunshine Week.

In a statement, President Obama applauded his administration’s efforts to become “the most open and transparent ever.”

“We came to Washington to change the way business was done, and part of that was making ourselves accountable to the American people by opening up our government,” Obama said.

The President then made a sweeping gesture to the heavens, noting the Moon in the Seventh House and Jupiter’s alignment with Mars, adding:

This is the dawning of a new age.  Peace is guiding the planets.  Love is steering the stars.  Let the sun shine, let the sunshine in!

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Technology helps Liberia turn the page on ‘blood timber’

by Zoom Dosso, AFP

2 hrs 20 mins ago

MONROVIA (AFP) – Liberia’s rainforests, once ravaged for blood timber sold to fund one of Africa’s bloodiest civil wars, are being primed as a lucrative and legal industry using cutting-edge tracking technology.

One by one an electronic tag — similar to bar codes used on consumer products — is attached to trees in the thick woodlands covering 45 percent of the West African nation, a painstaking process that will allow consumers to trace the end-product right back to the stump.

While the use of “blood diamonds” to fund wars in the region is better known, it was timber that propped up armed factions, notably those of former president Charles Taylor, during 14 years of Liberian conflict that left over 250,000 dead.

For Your Consideration: To Die for Health Care

This is chilling

Support Dennis Kucinich

Support the National Association of Free Clinics in memory of Keith Olbermann’s father

Open Reflection


For Pure Artistry The Bank of Sark Made Goldman-Sachs Look Like Amateurs

It was said giving Will Smith a credit card was like giving a terrorist an atom bomb.

Will Smith was the head pirate of the Poison Pen Gang.  If they had been less colorful and had the appropriate connections, one can only imagine the hurt they could have done.

The Gang is best remembered for the Bank of Sark, a post office box on the island of Sark in the English Channel.  Their comical escapades with checks written on an imaginary are the stuff of legend but the best was yet to come.

When the Poison Pen Gang was rounded up and jailed, a whole new swindle was started that was run through the sheriff’s office without his knowledge.  While mobs were screaming  outside the bewildered sheriff’s office demanding their money bank, Will Smith was on a work release program way, far away in a luxurious Florida condominium with a constant stream of well-upholstered secretaries according to a doorman at the joint.

They just don’t make financial scandals like they used to.

The grey-suited stiffs at Goldman-Sachs tale the economy of the entire planet down and offer little entertainment in return.

What a bunch of jerks.

Best,  Terry

kossacks are richer, more male, and white than us.

I just think this is interesting in light of their constant complaint, that we don’t understand the needs of uninsured and poor!



Martial Arts for American Schools

Since a nation’s schools should reflect its real priorities, and since the United States is unquestionably the most violent country in the world, with two military occupations in progress, drone-assassins patrolling skies all over the planet, and a military budget greater than all other nations combined, it’s only natural that President Obama should include early-childhood training in the martial arts in his overhaul of education in America!

After careful consideration of the martial arts of many nations, and with all due respect to masters of karate, kung fu, surma stickfighting, evala wrestling, tinku, maculele, okichitaw, bakom-vacón, bojuka, chun kuk do, limalama, sli beatha, kbachkun boraan, kalaripayat, lathi, malla-yuddha, mukna, thang-ta, sumo, gwonbeop, kuk sool won, shippalgi, ssireum, subak, yusul, muay lao, tomoi, lethwei, naban, tegumi, buno, dumog, pangamut, yawyan, cheena di, lerdrit, baobom, vovinam, cuong nu, and kalinda, I finally settled on silat as a foundation for martial arts in American schools.

You can find a good introduction to the fundamental theory of silat in “Deathscapes of the Malay Martial Artist,” by Douglas Farrer. The first challenge of silat is understanding “(berseru) the shadows of the potent dead.” This begins with “the disjuncture of deathscapes.”

At the end of his or her training a silat master “lives in the cemetery in a mud hut walled with human skulls, devours human flesh, faeces, and dog’s urine, and consorts with menstruating prostitutes.”

And nobody wants to fight a cannibal who lives in a cemetery and drinks dog’s urine!

March Madness Play In

Huh?  Do you see ‘Meta’ in the title or tags?

Nope, it’s the start of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship which should be a little more interesting than the Women’s side where I confidently predict the Lady Huskies will romp to their 5th undefeated season and 7th Championship (still 1 behind Tennessee’s record 8).

Tonight’s Play In game, starting at 7:30 pm on ESPN is between Arkansas (Pine Bluff) 16 – 15 and Winthrop 19 – 13.  The winner advances to the South Region 16th seed where they will face Duke Friday in the 7:25 game on CBS.

The round of 64 is happening Thursday and Friday, the round of 32 Saturday and Sunday.  The fact of the matter is I’m really not quite sure how to blog it, so if anyone wants to jump in and volunteer I’m more than happy to let them show me the way.

In the interests of full disclosure I’m not much interested in any teams except Syracuse and Michigan State and I expect them both to make early exits.  I suppose I’ll try and summon some enthusiasm for whatever Big East team lasts the longest, I predict Georgetown because they have another monster Center.

Rachel Corrie 1979 – 2003

March 16th 2003

Her parents were living here in Charlotte at the time of her killing, her father is a brother ‘Nam Vet, working with many as the drums of war were beating louder and louder. There was a very moving memorial for her before they moved back to their original home and while we knew some about her the memorial showed who this young lady was and what she had started shaping herself to be from a very young age till her death, A very remarkable young woman!

Docudharma Times Tuesday March 16

Tuesday’s Headlines:

Afghan women fear loss of hard-won progress

William Shakespeare’s lost 18th Century play Double Falsehood ‘not a hoax’


Defendants Fresh From War Find Service Counts in Court

Place names are the domain of an obscure U.S. board


Silvio Berlusconi faces inquiry over bid to block ‘hostile’ TV show

I will only resign if Pope asks me, says defiant Irish cardinal

Middle East

Supreme Leader tries to ban Charshanbeh Suri in attempt to quell protests

Palestinians clash with police in East Jerusalem


Sri Lanka opposition leader Sarath Fonseka to face court martial today

Afghanstan war: Are some Taliban ignoring Mullah Omar’s ethics code?


Nigeria is falling apart, says Nobel prize-winning author

In Egypt, rumors of President Hosni Mubarak demise fuel uncertainty. Who will lead next?

Latin America

Funky beach town of Jacmel could be key to Haiti’s economic revival

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