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better than doing nothing

Like a lot of people, I’m insanely frustrated with our elected representatives’ actions. I’m constantly asking myself, am I doing enough, are we making any difference at all.

My local supermarket was about to go on strike. My cashier had a button on reading “I don’t want to go on strike but will if I have to”. I told her she and her coworkers deserved a decent wage and if they went on strike I wasn’t coming back to that store until the strike was over. I told her she had my complete support. I don’t know how many other customers offered support. I’m only one person but I figured offering my support was the least I could do on that day, in that line.

I’m constantly getting mailings from the DCCC and others from the Party Establishment looking for money. I’m answering each one, telling them why they have lost my support. They always provide a business reply envelope but ask you to save them postage by using your own stamp. I never provide my own stamp. I make them pay to open my empty envelope and find my two cents worth. It may only be punishing them a few cents at a time, but if a hundred people do it too, or maybe a thousand people, it starts to add up to real money.

Friday Philosophy: Sex

I got into a discussion the other day of the kind I really don’t enjoy.  I felt required to defend transsexual women against a stereotype of us.

There are many such stereotypes.  We are liars and deceivers, according to some.  But in the case in point, the accusation was that we are sexually aggressive.  And that brings up a difficult topic to discuss for many transfolk:  sex.

The instance in question occurred in a DADT diary and was referring to gays in the military already:

I never saw overt, mincing, steriotypical “NOLA Fat Tuesday transsexual type” of behavior, but then there are strict codes of conduct for heteralsexual relationships while in Uniform also.

I still am unsure as to what exactly constitutes “NOLA Fat Tuesday transsexual behavior”, but that may be that, while I am indeed transsexual and have been to NOLA many times, it was never during Mardi Gras.

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