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‘Doomsday’ in Illinois

  When it comes to state budget crisis, California gets most of the headlines. When it comes to states that are going bankrupt the quickest, Obama’s state of Illinois has taken the lead.

 “The state is in utter crisis,” said Representative Suzie Bassi. “We are next to bankruptcy. We have a $13bn hole in a $28bn budget.”

  The state has been paying bills with unfunded vouchers since October. A fifth of buses have stopped. Libraries, owed $400m (£263m), are closing one day a week. Schools are owed $725m. Unable to pay teachers, they are preparing mass lay-offs. “It’s a catastrophe”, said the Schools Superintedent.

  In Alexander County, the sheriff’s patrol cars have been repossessed; three-quarters of his officers are laid off; the local prison has refused to take county inmates until debts are paid.

 Collectively the states have a $156 Billion hole to fill this year. There will be a lot of pain to go around.

2 Murder Suspects of Hamas in Dubai Came to US after Killing

There are 27 suspects in the January 20th murder of Hamas top military operative Mahmoud Al- Mabhouh , all of whom travelled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on faked foreign passports.   Ironically, Mabhouh was also in the UAE on a false passport.

Two of murder suspects subsequently entered the United States, one on an Irish passport as “Evan Dennings” January 21st, and another on a British passport Feb 14th “Roy Allan Cannon.”   (Both real life persons, one British- Israeli, are currently believed to be the victims of identity fraud. )

It is not known if the alleged murderers using the passports are still in this country.…

There aren’t records of either man leaving the U.S., though investigators can’t be sure the two are still in the country, according to this person. Since the two were traveling with what investigators believe to be fraudulently issued passports, they may have traveled back out of the U.S. with different, bogus travel documents.

The suspected U.S. travel broadens to American shores the international manhunt triggered by Dubai’s investigation into the death of Mr. Mabhouh. Dubai police have already identified two U.S. financial companies they believe issued and distributed several credit cards used by 14 of the suspects in the alleged killing.

A U.S. State Department spokesman declined to comment.

A spokesman for Interpol, which is also investigating the murder, declined to comment.

Israeli officials have neither confirmed nor denied any involvement, a longstanding practice. Last week, Israel’s foreign minister said there was no proof implicating Israel.…

Twelve of the suspects used British passports, police said. Six suspects used Irish passports, four used French passports, three used Australian passports and one used a German passport.

Already the story is changing again, as a “national security source in the United States” is saying that the 2 suspects who might have entered the US after the murder, did not, even as the list of suspects went from 26 to 27, according to CNN and…

The only Israeli in government who has commented so far is Tzipi Livni, the current Kadima Party opposition leader and the former foreign minister.…

A CNN reporter, Christiane Amanpour, asked the Israeli Minister of Defense on Saturday to comment.  Ehud Barak wouldn’t comment, either.

The Chief of Police of Dubai, Dahi Khalfan, is “100% positive” that Mossad is involved.  During a Feb 28th news conference, Khalfan said that he was sure that all the suspects were now in Israel, and as long as they stayed there, they wouldn’t be arrested.   The UAE is now blocking people traveling on Israeli dual nationality passports from entering the country.

Information released yesterday says the autopsy showed Mabhouh was injected with the muscle relaxant succinylcholine, typically used in endotracheal intubation,  and then suffocated to death.  


it is perennially popular in emergency medicine because it arguably has the fastest onset and shortest duration of action of all muscle relaxants.

Suxamethonium does not produce unconsciousness or anesthesia, and its effects may cause considerable psychological distress while simultaneously making it impossible for a patient to communicate. For these reasons, administration of the drug to a conscious patient is strongly contraindicated, except in necessary emergency situations.

The use and abuse of foreign passports and identities by the hit squad involved in the murder, has upset many countries.  

Overnight Caption Contest

Screw respecting these CLOWNS! Talk to them like they’re frigging 4 yrs old

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George W. Bush

Tax Cuts for the rich


Invading Iraq

“They will welcome us as liberators”

“The oil will pay for the war”


Mission Accomplished

Torture isn’t a war crime cause my lawyer says so

Hurricane Katrina

“The fundamentals of the economy are strong”

Sarah Fucking Palin

Katie Couric –  But are you ready to become the leader of the free world?

Sarah Palin – Totally. I will totally lead the world. Any world. I will lead Mars or whatever too if those guys need a world president. Or just a Mars president. I took on the ole’ boys club in Alaska and I can take it on in Mars.

Katie Couric –  But I’m not asking about being president of Mars.

Sarah Palin – But I am answering about being president of Mars because a president person needs to be prepared for anything. I like to reform.

    Conservatives don’t deserve respect. They deserve shame and to be loudly and openly mocked in public.

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Suicide State Of Emergency On Pine Ridge Reservation

Tribal president declares state of emergency over increase in youth suicide attempts Posted: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PINE RIDGE — Oglala Sioux Tribe President Theresa Two Bulls will declare a suicide state of emergency for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation during a news conference at 1 p.m. today.

You Can’t Hijack This Thread

It’s a wide open thread. You can post on any subject you feel like talking about in here.

Politics, current affairs, war, earth changes, injustice, justice, good news, bad news, or even any kind of zoomed out off the friggin’ wall out to lunch in geosynchronous orbit or higher space aliens on acid poked in the third eye with a sharp stick whacked out stuff you can dream up!

After all…

For those who can master it, it’s a fine way to see the world. You get secret messages from the radio, TV, and most movies. You know God personally (so you don’t need Jesus as a go-between). The best ones can maintain their powers despite medication. Did you ever wonder about the existence of ghosts and angels and demons? Somebody had to have seen them, right? Now you know.

It begins for some when the trees start telling you their names. The flowers sing an inane little song like a children’s song that threatens to drone on indefinitely. There is another world, and it may contain well-organized squirrels. That famous karate guy doesn’t exist in the other world. But there’s plenty of paranoia to go around.

You would think that the ability to see angels, demons, and ghosts would give you special powers. Well, it doesn’t. You can’t usually talk to them. I prefer the plants. They speak clearly and use small words so the slower ones among us can follow. Unfortunately, most people aren’t even listening.

So let’s talk about heroes. Heroes are alive and well in the other world. Heroes love bats. Bats hate squirrels. Squirrels love trees. Trees love rain. Rain loves the night. The night loves heroes. Therefore, heroes know the insane who are being controlled by the squirrels. These people are insane, not Schizophrenic. True heroes know who they serve.

Cantor was a hero. And Godel was a hero. Godel saved us from the logicians (who had been influenced by the squirrels) by ending the tyranny of logic. Now not many people know this, but he simultaneously disproved ultimate logic while proving the existence of the other world. He saw it in a dream, which is, as we all know, the only way for a non-schizophrenic to experience the other world.

So enjoy! Knock yourself out! This thread is…

Safe As Milk

Well my cigarette died when I washed my face

Dropped some drops in an ashtray hit a wrong place

Woman at my blinds to see spiders spinning lines

It’s a safe as milk, it’s a safe as milk

I never heard it put quite that way

The shape I’m in is a gone a way

They called a day they called a day

Yesterday’s paper headlines approach rain gutter teasing rusty cat sneezing

Soppin’ wet hammer dusty and wheezing

Lusty alley whining trashcan blues

Children running after rainbows stocking poor

Gracious ladies nylon hanging on to line

Jumping onto leg looking mighty fine

Sorrows lollipop lands stick-broken on a dark carnival ground

Pop up toaster cracklin

Aluminium rhythm and sound

Ev’ry day pencil lazy and sharp

The icebox inside looking like a harp

E-lectric bulb been out for years

Freezer fumes feed the gas tears

Cheese in the corner with a mile long beard

Bacon blue bread dog eared (repeat twice)

I may be hungry but I sure ain’t weird

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