[VIDEO] Joe the Nerd Protests Senator Specter at PA Progressive Summit

originally posted by Will Urquhart at Sum of Change

The last main event at the PA Progressive Summit this past weekend was a Senatorial Forum with Senator Arlen Specter and Congressman Joe Sestak.

During the Q&A with Sen. Specter, there was one man who spent the entire time standing with his back to the stage. It was rather obvious, one man standing while the rest of the room was seated. We caught up with the protester, Joe Ferraro, better known to the online world as Joe the Nerd, and got a chance to chat with him about what he was doing and why:

Whether you agree with Joe the Nerd or think the Senator deserves to speak with progressives, it is rather difficult to argue with his logic. Senator Specter has a conservative history, albeit moderate and on some issues, and even liberal on others. According to the Specterometer, after switching parties the percentage of votes he cast with the Democrats jumped from 44% to 69%. After it became clear that Congressman Sestak would enter the primary, that spiked up to 97%. That is sure to please many progressives, but is it enough to overcome the years of pre-Democrat-Specter?

More videos from the PA Progressive Summit available at www.SumofChange.com/paprog with lots more to come!