Training Tuesday: The Numbers You Need To Win Your Election – Part 2

originally posted by Mitch Malasky at Sum of Change

This week, we are going to follow up on last week’s post on the numbers you need to win your election.  This week, we’re looking at special circumstances and unique elections and how that may or may not effect how you set your numbers.

First, what happens if you are running in a multi-candidate race?  A win number in a two candidate election is 50% +1, but when there are multiple candidates that number is going to change.  That said, it’s never a case of simple math – your win number in a three person election won’t necessarily be 33.3% +1 – and you have to be wise in setting your goals.  The second video is about how your numbers may change due to major national issues.  The obvious issue of our day is healthcare, but from the war on terror to the economy, there are often major issues outside of your control as a a candidate which will alter the turnout for your election.  The final video are some stories from our trainer, Kendra-Sue Derby, on how you should constantly be challenging your own numbers.  A campaign should never be satisfied or static in their evaluation of the electorate, so it is important to keep changing and updating that number to maximize a campaigns effectiveness (hint: expected turnout almost never goes down).

–Turnout In A Multi Candidate Race

–How Do Your Turnout Estimate Based on Major National Issues

–Stories of Challenging Turnout Expectations

This slew of videos are from Democracy For America’s Campaign Academy. This particular session was filmed at Gettysburg college in Gettysburg, PA. To find out more about Democracy For America’s Campaign Academy, go to http://www.democracyforamerica…

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