Rapier was started from the remains of Glasnost, and Glasnost was started from the remains of Masons.

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BOTH alliances were shattered and defeated by Deathinc. Shattered and defeated because DI has a strategy of GOING AFTER THE WEAKEST PLAYERS in an alliance and thus crippling the ability of the bigger players to fight by making them protect the smaller players.

As you can imagine, the players that came here from Glas do NOT want to see that happen again. And we were promised upon joining that it would not. Thus the prestige requirement of 500k. Thus the troop and defense requirements to insure that players can defend themselves.

And thus the (I hope) understandable desire to take on DI, the alliance that defeated the last two alliances we were in. But thus also, a deep rooted FEAR of DI, also understandable. But we were told that we would be given the opportunity to take on DI when we were ready. We were told the same thing in Glasnost and MONTHS went by and we were never deemed “ready.”

And then were destroyed AGAIN by DI.

Right now, DI is being attacked by several different alliances, making it a perfect time to join in trying to destroy DI and their dishonorable, though effective, way of playing.

We can either take them on now, when they are weak, or we can wait until they get strong again….AND COME AFTER US.


I have no way of knowing what people not from Glas were told in recruiting them, but to us, the very PURPOSE of Rapier is to take on DI. NOT to be a farming alliance that seeks out small players and protects them ….AS WE ARE DESTROYED AGAIN.

And we are tired of waiting for people to be “ready” to take on DI. Now some people call me and the others who want to do this “shit stirrers.” My view is that we are holding Rapier to the promises made to us, and preventing Rapier from making the EXACT SAME mistake again. Aggression wins in this game, and we want to win. WE are prepared to take on DI, and we intend to. I will let others make the case for doing the exact same thing again, but I wanted to make the case to the whole alliance for NOT doing that.

Very soon we are going to check troop count requirements. And no doubt some people will NOT meet them and WILL be expelled. Because WE are ready.

Are you?

I would appreciate your input as fellow alliance members. If you don’t want to give it to me, please mail your views to Darnley, and we can proceed from there on discussing what we all want Rapier to be.

Thank you.