Know those you call ‘enemy’, in their own land!

Many today may disagree as many did back in our failed policy occupation, Vietnam, but one of the main lessons many of us did learn is to respect those fighting you, as we occupied, and what they will do and bring at you in the battles of Guerilla War, in their land. For a soldier trains to be a warrior to defend his country and you’re fighting warriors defending their country!

FRONTLINE: behind taliban lines | PBS

An Afghan journalist’s extraordinary 10 days living and filming with an insurgent cell allied with Al Qaeda to sabotage a key U.S./NATO supply route.

Part One

“I was thinking that I’m going to meet a group of Taliban,” Quraishi tells FRONTLINE. “I was thinking, this is the time which I came myself to enemy. I was thinking they might not let me go back.”

In Behind Taliban Lines, FRONTLINE provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the growing insurgency in Afghanistan — a first-ever film among these militants as they travel from village to village, picking up support and weapons, imposing sharia law and collecting taxes as they open up a new battlefront in Afghanistan’s northern provinces. Here to read rest and to watch all four parts and more, about forty minutes long

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