Condemnation of Selective Real “Terrorist”{?}, or Whole Communities{!},

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But Not From Your Own!!

And how like, for lack of any other description, political robots they are as to what some consider their political ideologies and how to represent, and who, once hired to do so.

This took place on Thursday 02.25.2010 and reported on friday morning.

Myrick, Muslims meet and debate

Julie Rose Friday February 26, 2010

Charlotte Congresswoman Sue Myrick made good on a promise last night to hold a town hall meeting with the local Muslim community. It was an opportunity for Myrick to explain her campaign to convince Americans that radical Islamists are infiltrating society. Much of the language she uses upsets many Muslims.

Representative Myrick brought slides, video clips and even flew in a couple of her Muslim allies from out of state, but she spent most of the 90-minute meeting facing her critics head-on.

About 200 people packed the Government Center auditorium for a tense, but largely respectful meeting. Myrick didn’t shy away from pointed questions about her use of phrases like “Islamo-facist infiltrator” that many believe cast a shadow on the entire Muslim community.

Here’s an exchange with a member of the Islamic Center of Charlotte named Izzat Saymeh:

Saymeh: Protecting Americans is all of Americans.

Myrick: That’s exactly right.

Saymeh: Including American Muslims.

Myrick: Of course.

Saymeh: Who are part and parcel of the. . .

Myrick: Why do you think – I’m just curious since we’re having this dialogue, why do you think I don’t feel . . . you should be as concerned as an American Muslim as I am for the security of this country as I am because you lived here.

Saymeh: I am.

Myrick: Yea, so I’m not working against you, I’m trying to be all inclusive to include you.

After the meeting, Myrick said she expected things to be testy because many people misunderstand her intent:

“They really don’t know a majority of what I do and it is trying to support the moderate voices of the Muslim community all across the country.” >>>>>

That last comment of hers, after the townhall and with reporters, shows just how either ignorant she is, or truly overly intolerant of others she is, or how real poor she is in spreading the propaganda given to her to voice. For if you watch her, and others, as a guest on TV or at hometown and other rallies, or even read some of what’s posted at her government site, it’s extremely easy to discern what she does and doesn’t do!

In the initial friday report about the meeting they had also included a clip of one of the communities members asking her point blank about the recent Austin attack on the IRS building as well as mentioning McVeigh and a few others as to her thoughts on them, she blew off the question and quickly moved on. Curious they didn’t have the longer version posted on the site, Not!

More Exchanges

This is only about three minutes, but in it she quickly disregards one Muslims concerns about attacks her rhetoric may cause by the extremist within by blowing it off saying that there have been No Problems nor attacks on the American Muslim Communities, this showing she’s either wearing tight blinders with ear plugs, and not hearing, seeing {other then fox} or reading about the many physical attacks on individuals of or their mosques here in this country over this past decade let alone the arrests and quickly whisking many into rendition, especially in the earlier years after 9/11 from this countries soil.

The other day as well their was an Op-Ed printed in the Charlotte Observer, that with it’s title and sub-title said it well as to a very recent ‘terrorist attack’ here in this country:

Zealot who flew plane into IRS office is no hero

The sub-title:

9-11 suicide pilots acted on grievances too; this is different?

And today we have another real good and pointed Op-Ed by Frank Rich in the New York Times:

The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged

No one knows what history will make of the present – least of all journalists, who can at best write history’s sloppy first draft. But if I were to place an incautious bet on which political event will prove the most significant of February 2010, I wouldn’t choose the kabuki health care summit  that generated all the ink and 24/7 cable chatter in Washington. I’d put my money instead on the murder-suicide of Andrew Joseph Stack III, the tax protester who flew a plane into an office building housing Internal Revenue Service employees in Austin, Tex., on Feb. 18. It was a flare with the dark afterlife of an omen.

What made that kamikaze mission eventful was less the deranged act itself than the curious reaction of politicians on the right who gave it a pass – or, worse, flirted with condoning it. Stack was a lone madman, and it would be both glib and inaccurate to call him a card-carrying Tea Partier or a “Tea Party terrorist.” But he did leave behind a manifesto whose frothing anti-government, anti-tax rage overlaps with some of those marching under the Tea Party banner. That rant inspired like-minded Americans to create instant Facebook shrines to his martyrdom. Soon enough, some cowed politicians, including the newly minted Tea Party hero Scott Brown, were publicly empathizing with Stack’s credo – rather than risk crossing the most unforgiving brigade in their base.

Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, even rationalized Stack’s crime. “It’s sad the incident in Texas happened,” he said, “but by the same token, it’s an agency that is unnecessary. And when the day comes when that is over and we abolish the I.R.S., it’s going to be a happy day for America.”


Had Stack the devastating weaponry and timing to match the death toll of 168 inflicted by Timothy McVeigh on a federal building in Oklahoma in 1995, maybe a few of the congressman’s peers would have cried foul. >>>>>

I added our brother ‘Nam Vets, Vernon Hunter, photo above, Rich didn’t, just to clarify.

Over at Huffington where I found the Rich op-ed, with this title “Curious Reactions To The Suicide Attack On IRS”, I posted this in the comments:

Not curious at all, after spending a Decade condemning a whole huge group and religious ideology as ‘terrorists’, while stating how ‘christian and tolerant patriots” they are, they are extremely selective and supportive as to their own ‘fundamental extremist’ !

McClatchy, in the Charlotte Observer, had another Op-Ed the other day that said it all in the title and sub-title:

Zealot who flew plane into IRS office is no hero



9-11 suicide pilots acted on grievances too; this is different?

Rep. Myrick held a townhall with the local Charlotte area Muslim community and testy it was, especially related to her verbal and written rhetoric over the past decade as she rubber stamped death and destruction and more. She wants that Community to ‘educate’ her on the Muslim Community World Wide, after a decade of using them, all of them, as hers and the others extremist enemies as they destroyed and created even more hatreds in the region of our two, not one, long running occupations, instead of Educating Herself!! And when asked about our very own and numerous groups of ‘domestic criminal terrorist’ like Stack, McVeigh and similar types she refused to comdemn them and call them the ‘terrorist’ they are! Neither has she come out in Condemnation of the shooters in Churches bent on killing for their twisted so called political ideologies.

Thus that makes her, King, the new Brown and any and all who supported Stack and the killing of our Brother ‘Nam Vet  “Supporters of Terrorism!” and those that carry out their acts, even for someone like Stack who made his own bed that had Nothing to do with the IRS nor anyone within, reason he wrote that manifesto, he knew many would be as twisted as he was!!

And as to the Myrick townhall with her Muslim community, she represents all in her district that attended, the closing point made in the NPR WFAE cut above by Ali Rashid of the Islamic Political Party of America

And while he was pleased with her willingness to listen, he says the more important thing will be what she does now that she’s heard their concerns.

And what do we hear from those that readily condemn others, as a group, most wrapping themselves in their idea of a christian religion and religious tolerance, pretty much ‘crickets’ as to the condemning of our own who carry out ‘terrorist’ attacks, under the guise of political rhetoric and ideology, on others or readily jump in with support in words and their actions of those that do these domestic criminal terrorist attacks!