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“Everybody’s going to have some skin in the game.”

On the topic of cutting deficits at the expense of the social safety net, Barack Obama is a genuine charmer:

Everybody’s going to have some skin in the game.

Digby nails the key problem with Obama’s channeling of Rahm Emanuel:

The problem, of course, is that the best case has millionaires “sacrificing” being able to buy a bigger airplane while the average retiree has to sacrifice eating protein. This “game” we’ve all got our skin in has some much more serious consequences for some of us than others: since certain of the wealthy players just crashed the financial system a whole lot of soon-to-be seniors lost their nest eggs in both the real estate and stock markets (and are being priced out of the health care market just when they need the coverage the most.) If there’s a worse time to require these particular people to sacrifice more I don’t know what it is.

It’s also true that often the people for whom “sacrifice” is nothing more than a minor inconvenience are prone to lecture those for whom it is quite painful. It’s irritating.  

It’s well beyond “irritating,” beyond the need for sensitivity training, even beyond infuriating, embittering, enraging, or making my blood boil.  This wanker is a total riot, a real side-splitter.  A tumultuous uproar.  A howling, boisterous romper stomper of high jinx and merry-making.  

It’s Time to Invade Canada

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“Strike while the iron is hot.”

“Make hay while the sun shines.”

“Take time by the forelock.”

Or, as they say it in French, “Il faut battre le fer pendant qu’il est chaud.”

All are time-tested phrases in the English and French languages amounting to the same thing: the time to act and take advantage is now.  For timing is everything in peace, love, politics, and war.  Once the opportunity slips by, one may never get the chance again.  Simply put: use it or lose it.  

Patrick Corrigan, Toronto Star, Buy this cartoon


Why the urgency?  What is this terrific opportunity that’s been given to us and why must we act upon it right now?    

Overnight Caption Contest

For Your Consideration: Social Networking and Trolls

Stephen Fry attacks ‘malevolent’ comments following Twitter spat

“I don’t know about you but whenever I read a blog I do not let my eye drop below half the screen in case I accidentally hit the bit where the comments reside. Of all the stinking, sliding, scuttling, weird, entomological creatures that inhabit the floor of the internet those comments on blogs are the most unbearable, almost beyond imagining,” he added, getting into his stride and echoing comments made by fellow  comedian David Mitchell earlier this year about the standard of online commentary.

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment For His Father

Go read this. Just go read it:

A Special Comment From My Father

by Keith Olbermann at Daily Kos

Pony Party: Frittata

A drive-by pony party tonight, I’m afraid: I can get the “new” computer next week, but for now this thing is going to overheat in about half an hour.  So I’m reposting from elsewhere with apologies.

I went to my friend’s pub today…and thought about their food.

And decided to make my own.  

                            Florentijnse frittata Pictures, Images and Photos

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