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Winter Olympics- Day I, Evening

Well, I’m going to start off by bitching about the fact that from 3 to 5:30 am MSNBC is carrying the repeat of Canada v. Slovakia.

You see until then they have to broadcast their oh so important schedule of Prison documentaries.

Hey Zucker!  Who the fuck do you think watches that shit?


CNBC will be showing Canada v. Slovakia live starting at 8 pm.  I must say I’m starting to get into the Women’s game.  Fundamentals, who cares that they can’t body check or dunk?

Anyone who thinks its not more dangerous than ski jumping is a fool.

Short Track Speed Skating is a sure thing.  They’re going to try and do Freestyle Skiing and Freestyle Women’s Mogul and I think that’s a big mistake.

If you’ve ever skied moguls in low visibility you know that’s just a recipe for crashes and injuries.  The NBC site (which by the way is as poorly designed and uninformative as it could possibly be) says that they won’t postpone it, they’ll just cancel and let the off camera preliminary results stand.

After are they’re just Women, it’s not like they’re real athletes or anything.

Downhill is postponed due to slush.  As I mentioned earlier that’s how I blew out my first knee.  Soft snow is no good.

Apparently they’re going to fill with Luge from the ladies tees (no offense meant ladies) stealing it from their midnight broadcast.

Goodness knows what they’ll do with the rest of their time.  I predict they run off their inventory of sappy and irrelevant bios and national anthem trivia medal ceremonies.

You know, the reason people don’t watch TV anymore is it’s BORING!

AND THAT BARACK, is why ARod is worth more than Blankfein and Dimon put together.  They’re just arrogant, boring, bloodsucking assholes.

ARod is not boring.

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