The Awful Truth

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Original article, by Ralph Nader and subtitled Liberals Begin to Bail on Obama, via

Those long-hoping, long-enduring members of the liberal intelligentsia are starting to break away from the least-worst mindset that muted their criticisms of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign.

You can see some of the bloodletting over at Big Orange. And it has been a bloodletting to some extent, hasn’t it? The 23%ers on the Dem side just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that power isn’t the only goal for a large segment of the Party. You dis Obama, and you dis the whole Party…PERIOD.

Even when Obama deserves so richly to be dised.

They still believe that the President is far better than his Republican counterpart would have been. Some still believe that sometime, somewhere, Obama will show his liberal stripes. But they no longer believe they should stay loyally silent in the face of the escalating war in Afghanistan, the near collapse of key provisions in the health insurance legislation, the likely anemic financial regulation bill, or the obeisance to the bailed out Wall Street gamblers. Remember this Administration more easily embraces bonuses for fat cats than adequate investment in public jobs.

There’s a good article over at Democratic Underground today titled In American DEMOCRATIC Capitalism, the govt’s job is to BREAK UP monopolies, NOT to mandate them. It points toward someting which I think has happened in the American body politic. It’s been so long since there’s been a successful leftist agenda pushed forth that most of today’s progressives don’t even know what a progressive leftist agenda is. They look back to the Clinton era as the golden age, not as an age that set the table for where we are today.

Jim Hightower writes that “Obama is sinking us into ‘Absurdistan.'” He bewails: “I had hoped Obama might be a more forceful leader who would reject the same old interventionist mindset of those who profit from permanent war. But his newly announced Afghan policy shows he is not that leader.”

Wonder where good ol’ Jim got that impression-certainly not from anything Obama said or did not say in 2008. But hope dims the memory of the awful truth which is that Obama signed on to the Wall Street and military-industrial complex from the get-go. He got their message and is going after their campaign contributions and advisers big time!

Keep this in mind: To not collapse in the polls in November, the Dems are going to have to run on (for the most part) support of what Obama’s done. There are a few, like Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders (and their ilk) who won’t, but most Democrats will have to. Good luck with that.

I’ll let you finish the article. As usual, Ralph is right on as far as seeing what’s going on, and where it’s leading the progressive ‘movement.’

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  1. Grrrr….

    • Inky99 on January 1, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Wow.   Shows you just how far KOS has gone down the drain, and fast!

    • dkmich on January 1, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Real liberals, Independents and people who want to throw all the bums out really don’t give a damn whether he’s a bad Democrats or a bad Republican when they vote in November.  2010 and 2012 are two elections I’m really looking forward to.  

  2. Lots of rationalizing.

    It’s like an abusive relationship, you stay in it because you still have some hope things will change. Not me! I never had much of a relationship with the dems. Mr O sweet talked me and I swooned, but I’m all better now. Not gonna happen again! EVER!

  3. an alliance between conservatives and progressives/lefties.  It simply has to be done.  There is no other choice.  We can’t continue with the two party system as it stands.  If you read some of the conservative blogs and websites, they are saying the same things, even going so far as to admit the similarities between Obama and Bush and agree that Obama is simply continuing the MIC/corporate/bank/Wall St controlled agendas.  There are going to be the twenty percenters, as DK has become for progressives, and Redstate is for the right.  But my faith is in the 60% in this country that in one way or another, want the same things.  

    • Xanthe on January 2, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    said during his run basically “it’s about the corporations.  No. l issue. They must be weakened.”  People didn’t want to hear that – they wanted to hear their issues being touted.

    Looks like Ralph had a point.

    • rossl on January 2, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    It’s called “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us.”  It’s about a bunch of billionaires and famous millionaires getting together and forming organizations with serious monetary backing to affect progressive change in this country.  It’s an inspiring read, and it’s very significant that Nader doesn’t just have them unite behind the Democratic party.  The problem with progressives today is that they put too much emphasis on party and electoral politics, when really the emphasis should be on a kind of (left) populist social movement that enables politicians to be more progressive.

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