Oh My, Them There Saudi, Terrorist

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Own a chunk of their very own Propaganda Machine right here in these here United {once} States, must mean those that flock to this cable outlet are a part of them there hidden ‘terrorist cells’ we hear so much about, Oh My!!

Right-wing Saudi dynasty endorses right-wing Fox News dynasty

This week, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia – the largest shareholder of News Corp outside the Murdoch family – endorsed Rupert Murdoch’s son James to succeed the elder Murdoch when he retires….>>>>>

This might also explain Roberts lead in the Supreme’s ruling last week, world here she comes!

Alwaleed backs James Murdoch

Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holdings owns a 7 per cent stake, or 56m shares, of News Corp and is the largest shareholder outside the Murdoch family. The prince is not on News Corp’s board of directors.

“I have full confidence in him, full trust in him, and he’s capable,” the prince said. “He’s really Rupert Murdoch in the making, and he’s almost there now.”….>>>>

Could it be that’s why they were pushing the Fair and Balanced news like this and continued, O’Rielly likes to talk torture, and how well it works, wonder if he’ll invite this spook back on.

CIA Man Retracts Claim on Waterboarding

Well, it’s official now: John Kiriakou, the former CIA operative who affirmed claims that waterboarding quickly unloosed the tongues of hard-core terrorists, says he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Kiriakou, a 15-year veteran of the agency’s intelligence analysis and operations directorates, electrified the hand-wringing national debate over torture in December 2007 when he told ABC’s Brian Ross and Richard Esposito  in a much ballyhooed, exclusive interview that senior al Qaeda commando Abu Zubaydah cracked after only one application of the face cloth and water….>>>>>