Are you a small player that wants to be a big one? Are you having fun and getting good at the game but just can’t seem to get over the hump? Do you want to be part of the action, but just don’t know how? Well here is how you can do that!

ALL of our larger players are willing to help, advise, supply and mentor the smaller players in our alliance. This not only helps the smaller players, but helps the alliance as well.

Communication, growth, and effectiveness in attack…and particularly in wars, are all part of what choosing a mentor help foster. your mentor and you will form a team and grow strong together. And when YOU get strong and knowledgeable enough, then you can find someone to mentor too!

Not to mention that your mentor will have a vested interest in protecting you, when trouble comes.

So if you are intersted in learning and growing just as fast as you can, find a strong player….near you….and start talking to them about working together. Or perhaps the company you work for has a mentorship program with the qualities of some of the most successful mentoring programs that you could join to get matched with a mentor and start getting the benefit of their knowledge and expertise.

In this fashion, regional teams are formed and communication between those teams grow and before you know it, you will be part of an elite tactical attack force! And the more of these elite tactical teams we have working together, the stronger and more kick ass you…and our alliance as a whole will be.

Today Carinthia, tomorrow the world!