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Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Haiti faces long, difficult road to recovery

By Patricia Zengerle, Reuters

Sat Jan 30, 10:52 am ET

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – Haiti’s leaders can point to progress since a powerful earthquake devastated the country but just surviving the first weeks’ chaos, hunger and overwhelming loss may be the easiest part of a long recovery.

Since the January 12 catastrophe killed up to 200,000 people and left around 1 million homeless in the nation of 9 million, authorities and aid workers have cleared tens of thousands of bodies from the rubble, provided water supplies for makeshift refugee camps and developed a system of food distribution.

Some police are back in the streets, schools in unaffected areas will open on Monday, communications are working and some businesses have reopened their doors.

Limited “humanitarian parole” for earthquaked Haitians.

The concept of “humanitarian parole” strikes me as emblematically American, albeit excessively witty.   Does it mean that a person is emancipated and discharged of being Human or Haitian?  Parole certainly suggests, if not exactly prior guilt, e.g., Original sin, at least some form of previous incarceration or imprisonment.  Most likely, it means that Haitians are provisionally granted the status of humans on the grounds that their captors have humanitarian sentiments towards the beasts.  Who knows.  Like I said, excessively witty.

In any case, it seems few Haitians are granted this esteemed status.

MIAMI – The United States has suspended its medical evacuations of critically injured Haitian earthquake victims until a dispute over who will pay for their care is settled, military officials said Friday…

Only 34 people have been given humanitarian parole for medical reasons, said Matthew Chandler, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security. The National Disaster Medical System, if activated, would cover the costs of caring for patients regardless of their legal status.

I hope they at least have ankle bracelets.

Using Craigslist to find LOTS of candidates for FCP

Democracy Now had a program segment called “The Citizens’ Candidate”-Grassroots Effort Uses Craigslist to Find Candidate For Utah House Seat

Utah Citizen’s Movement website is here.

If Craigslist works for UCM, why not the Full Court Press?

The Super Bowl is Saved!


I know this will be hard for ya to believe, but those liberal eggheads at CBS came to their senses yesterday and rejected an ad from ManCrunch.com to appear during the Super Bowl.  What a relief for America!  Can you imagine exposin’ the fresh-faced youngsters of America to  disgusting garbage as to which is demonstrated in the following manner?

(Note: the following video should not be viewed by anyone under any circumstances. It’s got somethin’ icky that is expressly forbidden in the Book of Leviticus.)

Open Arch


Open Letter From…?

Posted to YouTube January 11, 2010 by user BitchSlap

Does any of what’s in this video sound familiar?


Nothing has changed, it’s still the same

Everybody knows there’s nothing doing

Everything is closed, it’s like a ruin

Everyone you see is half asleep

And you’re on your own, you’re in the street

After a while you start to smile

now you feel cool

Then you decide to take a walk by the old school

Nothing has changed it’s still the same

I’ve got nothing to say but it’s O.K.

Good morning, Good morning

Docudharma Times Saturday January 30

Saturday’s Headlines:

Cost Dispute Halts Airlift of Injured Haiti Quake Victims

AIG employees agree to cuts in retention bonuses

Doubt cast on Toyota’s decision to blame sudden acceleration on gas pedal defect

In the West Bank’s stony hills, Palestine is slowly dying

Border breaches reveal Iran’s reach

French luxury tells a tale of China’s haves and have-nots

Indian politician Mayawati wants new force to protect statues – of her

Greece: Under a Byzantine shroud

Another unsung death on the Nile

The End of the Embarrassment

Tourists fly out as Machu Picchu begins isolation

Why Released from Command in Afghanistan

There once was a time most would be embarrassed to do or say the ridiculous and offensive to or pointed at others, or it was the wrong place and time, no matter what they might have thought personally. Most would keep whatever to themselves if they didn’t they would readily get shown how wrong their actions or words were and how offensive to others and some would actually be personally embarrassed, learning a lesson because they wouldn’t want same pointed or done to them, NO MORE, it’s now common and celebrated to be offensive the more it seems the better!

This happened just recently, a quick change of Command in Theater Afghanistan, and is now being reported why.

Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

Friday:Torture Enablers Yoo & Bybee Only Showed “Poor Judgement”

Today is Friday, January 29, the year 2010.  Remember this full moon evening.  

According to Newsweek’s Declassified Blog, http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs…

two Department of Justice anonymous sources said that a Senior DOJ official who finalized an Office of Professional Responsibility report, changed the assessment of the torture memo’s creator’s  Jay Bybee and John Yoo’s behavior to “poor judgement.”

But the reviewer, career veteran David Margolis, downgraded that assessment to say they showed “poor judgment,” say the sources. (Under department rules, poor judgment does not constitute professional misconduct.)  The shift is significant: the original finding would have triggered a referral to state bar associations for potential disciplinary action-which, in Bybee’s case, could have led to an impeachment inquiry.  


Two of the most controversial sections of the 2002 memo-including one contending that the president, as commander in chief, can override a federal law banning torture-were not in the original draft of the memo, say the sources. But when Michael Chertoff, then-chief of Justice’s criminal division, refused the CIA’s request for a blanket pledge not to prosecute its officers for torture, Yoo met at the White House with David Addington, Dick Cheney’s chief counsel, and then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales. After that, Yoo inserted a section about the commander in chief’s wartime powers and another saying that agency officers accused of torturing Qaeda suspects could claim they were acting in “self-defense” to prevent future terror attacks, the sources say. Both legal claims have long since been rejected by Justice officials as overly broad and unsupported by legal precedent.

John Yoo, a graduate of Harvard and Yale law school, who clerked for SC Justice Clarence Thomas, and served as a torture enabler in the Bush administration at the Dept of Justice from 2001 to 2003, is currently a law professor at the University of CA at Berkeley. http://www.law.berkeley.edu/ph…

Jay Bybee, a graduate of Brigham Young University and BYU’s J Reuben Clark Law School, helped John Yoo write the torture rationalization memos for President Bush during his Dept of Justice Office of Legal Counsel tenure from 2001 to 2003.  Bybee currently serves on the US Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit. http://www.fjc.gov/servlet/tGe…

It is not known at the current time when they will be displaying “poor judgement” again, nor how many fatalities might result.


Random Japan


Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi celebrated New Year on the International Space Station with traditional activities like hanetsuki (hitting a shuttlecock with a battledore) and kakizome (writing the first calligraphy of the year).

It was reported that a “love hotel mutual fund” offered by Shibuya-based Initia Star Securities has been enjoying annual returns of 5-8 percent.

Japan decided to ban the import of poultry and eggs from Texas after a flock of ducks there were found to be possibly infected with avian influenza.

The agriculture ministry intends to spend ¥1.6 billion to establish about 20 farmers’ markets in major cities around the nation.

After kicking up a storm over a blog post in which he claimed that “advanced medical care allows those to live who would once have been weeded out by natural selection,” the mayor of Akune, Kagoshima Prefecture, lashed out at his critics via the city’s community PA system, which was set up for use during disasters.

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