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It’s Just Dead





Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that your delayed Inheritance/Contract Fund US$10 Million USD from the Nigeria Government has been Approved and Released for immediate payment to your nominated bank account unconditionally.

You are therefore advice to Contact the General Manager of Oceanic Bank Plc, Burkina Faso (Mr. Harrison Obi) through below email address:


and send him your Fund Release Pin R1209I so that he will transfer this fund to you immediately.

Kindly notify us or your nearest F.B.I office after 96hours you did not received this Fund from

Mr. Harrison Obi.

Thanks and accept our congratulations.

Dr. Paul Richard

Minister for Finance,

Federal Republic of Nigeria…

Iraq War Inquiry Resumes: Day 4

There wasn’t much reporting on last weeks testimonies especially concerning any bits and pieces as to what counterparts here in the States were either saying or doing, except for this testimony from fridays session, as it seemed to follow what previously had already been testified too.:

Iraq military coup a possibility, ambassador tells Chilcot inquiry

The establishment of democracy in Iraq is “not a done deal”, Britain’s ambassador to the country warned today. A military coup was “a real possibility”, he said.


“There is clearly a balance to be drawn between using the professional competence and experience of former army officers under Saddam to provide the backbone of the modern Iraqi security forces, and dealing with the suspicions and fears of others that this is the reintroduction of irreconcilable elements of the Ba’ath party,” Jenkins said…..>>>>>

Docudharma Times Monday January 11

Monday’s Headlines:

Prop. 8 trial to include unprecedented testimony

Can Oliver Stone show us the human side of Hitler?

Freeze Threatens Florida’s Tropical Fish

Dingells and GM illustrate limits of congressional conflict-of-interest rules

Iran’s parliament exposes abuse of opposition prisoners at Tehran jail

UK troops ‘executed Iraqi grandmother’

Rajapaksa woos minority Tamils as Sri Lanka presidential vote nears

North Korea calls for peace treaty

Pope denounces violence between Rosarno townsfolk and immigrants

Rwanda’s community courts: a unique experiment in justice

How football put Angola’s war back in the spotlight

Tijuana reels amid a surge of violence

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Blue and Gold

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Another graphic inside…

Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

Monday Meta Madness

So during the holidays Richard Gilmore (my dad) asked me about our business model.

Well frankly, my personal business model is that buhdy provides me this wonderful free playground to romp around in and I leave all the hard decisions up to him.

But as I explained to dad we do have at least a theoretical business model that is based partly on donations and partly on advertising revenue.

The yearly nut is around $360 to keep the doors open.  We mostly solicit donations to do that because it’s far more reliable than ad revenue though it can leave you beholden to your donors.

Still, it’s not the most expensive publication model and we owe a lot to pacified that it’s as good and cheap as it is.

And we do sell ads, though not as many as I would expect and I’ll tell you why below the fold.

Pique the Geek. Static Elecrtricity from Carpet to Clouds. 20100110

It is still cold here in the Bluegrass, as it is in much of the country.  The last time that it was freezing or above was at 02:00 on New Year’s Morning.  My thermometer right now reads 17.4 degrees F, and it made it up to nearly 30 when the sun came out for a little while this afternoon.  There is still snow all over the ground, but the road crews have done a good job with the roads, although two people were killed on the highway off of which I live when it fist started, one only about two miles from me.  Drive carefully, please.

Someone asked me the other day why static electricity is so noticeable in winter and not so much so in the summer.  I thought this would make a good topic for Pique the Geek, but to understand that it is important to understand what static electricity is in the first place.  Please follow for fun and information.

HARP and Airplane Crashes

If you’ve watched Jesse Ventura’s new show, “Conspiracy Theory”, you would have seen an episode about the HAARP program — High Frequency Active Aural Research Program.

In the segment, it comes out that, if so directed, the high frequency radio waves generated by the massive antenna farm could knock an airplane out of the air.




It’ll get better, in time. Just give it time. All it takes is time. We’ll get over it… in time.

Ahhhhhhh… the magic of elapsing, collapsing time. Whatever “it” is, it’ll fade away. At some point, it’ll be gone. The pain. The burden. The memory. The obligation. At some point in time, it’ll be somebody else’s problem . . .

Well, far as I can tell, time hasn’t stopped our collective problems from becoming more untenable. Bigger. Stronger. Holy flaming underwear, Batman. What the fuck do we do now?


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The dots are flying at us like 3-D asteroids!

Maureen Dowd wants you to know that she’s frightened.  Muslims are massing on our borders, and these prowling hordes are coming to kill us.

Maureen Dowd wants you to know there’s no father figure in her life.

Maureen Dowd wants you to know (again) that Obama reminds her of Mr. Spock.  Or a professor.  But not a lord or hero to come to her defense.

Maureen Dowd wants you to know that the dots are flying at her like 3-D asteroids.  This is not some random speck, a fleck, a pinpoint, a daub, a stipple.  It’s not just some freckle looking at me funny.

I’m not alone here, right?

Let’s have a show of hands!

Sunday Train: Freight and Passenger Trains Should Be Friends

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

Flying home from the Economist’s national conference Atlanta (see note1) my brilliant entertainment plan to pass the day lost flying home from Atlanta fell apart.

I could not attend even the 8am session on Tuesday, because the flight left at 11:15, and I was warned about TSA security theater delays. So I got on the MARTA train around 8:30, to stand in line to check-in, to stand in line to get through screening, to get to the gate and wait, to get on the plane which waited in line for a runway. It was, however, only half an hour in the air, so that fact that with a 125mph train to Charlotte I could have gone to the morning conference session and arrived in Charlotte sooner is neither here nor there.

Then I had a 3hr+ layover in Charlotte until the plane back home to NE Ohio. But I had my Netflix and some FullMetal Alchemist DVD’s, so no problem. Except my portable DVD player decided to stop working (see note2), so there were no DVD’s. Which meant I was forced to fall back on a “pbook” (paper book) I had brought with me – Waiting on a Train, which meant that I finally finished it (and still had several hours to wait after I had done so).

And in particular read the fascinating discussion of the touchy relationship between freight and passenger trains. Regular readers will know that this is a critical point: indeed, the entire Steel-Interstate strategy to getting Higher Speed Rail for Appalachia rests on passenger trains running on infrastructure provided in support of 100mph electric freight trains.

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