Public Menace-Private Profit: America’s Biowarfare Alliance

Original article via Antifacist Calling:

In September, The New York Times reported that a

University of Chicago researcher, Malcolm Casadaban, died after exposure to “a

weakened and ordinarily harmless strain of the bacteria that cause plague.”

If I remember correctly, we went to war with Iraq over, in part, WMDs. Biological weapons were considered WMDs. Hmmmmm….

According to the Times, “Dr. Casadaban, an associate professor at the university, was studying the bacteria to create a better vaccine for plague … in part because of concerns about its possible use in bioterrorism.” The Times averred that “infectious disease experts said researchers rarely die from being infected with an ordinarily harmless strain of the bacteria or viruses they are studying.”

If a bacteria, etc., is harmless, people shouldn’t die from it. Casadaban probably wasn’t working with a ‘harmless’ strain, since he got infected and died. Oh well….

Which of course, raise inevitable and troubling questions: just how “safe” was the strain of plague studied by Casadaban, and was this research part of a new round of illicit, highly compartmented experiments meant to bulk-up America’s first-strike arsenals?

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. It’s both fascinating and terrifying in it’s implications. Not that we should be surprised if the US is working on bio-terror weapons for it’s arsenal. We’ve done that for years, along with chemical and our famed nuclear arsenals. It’s a case of “Do as we say, and as far as what you think, we don’t give a shit.” It’s another reason to question whether our government, corporate and military establishments should be trusted even a little bit.

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    • Joy B. on December 4, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Nukes just make way too big a mess to be particularly useful in this day and age. Better to have a weapon that just kills the people (and whatever other living beings you want out of the way) and leaves the property undamaged.

    Yes, bio-WMDs have been a serious pursuit of this government for many years. Those stockpiles need a certain amount of upkeep just like nukes do, as the agents tend to mutate (a little like decay per this analogy) and may become less effective over time. Or people may develop immunities due to exposure to similar agents in the natural world. Witness the quick degradation of the Unicorn flu from its first, highly deadly appearance as it spread through the world’s population. Fortunately [?] it managed to accomplish reversion to the ‘proper’ mutation again in one roll of the viral dice and is now as deadly as it “should” be.

    I’m wondering if the third wave – the one with this deadly mutation – will reveal that ‘someone’ of Big Pharma fame just happened to have developed (and perhaps even produced in some small quantity) a vaccine for just this version of the bug. Given that they knew from studying the original they dug up in Alaska years ago what the precise killer looked like, and it wasn’t Indonesian bird flu…

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