Health Care Debacle

There is a lot of blame to go around over the Health Care debacle. A lot of people (DailyKos) are focusing their anger on just Joe Lieberman or Harry Reid.

Harry Reid tried at least to put in some token amount of reform, but then he knuckled under the pressure — not so much from Joe Lieberman — but from Rahm Emaneul and Obama.

You see, Leiberman knows that he can just walk the thing backwards all day long, because Obama and Rahm Emanuel will never arm twist or pressure him — just as they never pressured the Drug and Insurance Companies themselves.  They will always gut the reform part out of the bill, and instead conspire to please whatever corrupt demands that Lieberman and the GOP make of them.

It is time to understand that Obama is just a theater President.  He likes to create the illusion that he is on the side of the people, but he has really done nothing but place pro-WallStreet, pro-Bankster, pro-Corporatist, pro-NAFTA, pro-War, Pro-Drone, and pro-Bush-NEOCON apologists into the key positions of real control and power to ensure that their crooked agenda always carries the day.

Obama thinks nothing of going to the progressive wing and telling them all “you have to get in line now” and making that demand on them (and the House will now cave-in and vote for this charade just for Obama’s sake).  But would Obama ever in a million years ever go to Joe Lieberman and tell him “Joe, you have to get in line“?

Of course not.

This tells you everything you need to know about Obama, and the Obama Presidency.

Just as Bush was a “compassionate” conservative fraud, Obama is a total fraud when it comes to seeking any meaningful policy change.

Each time, Obama and Rahm Emanuel deliberately sets the tables up so that the Corporations and the War Establishment will always win and get what they want — the public be damned — regardless of his entirely phony and insincere rhetoric.

Obama needs to be Primaried.

He cannot run on “change” or “hope” next time around.

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    • allenjo on December 15, 2009 at 10:03 pm
  1. still surprised .

    (including myself)

    Nader was right.  

  2. We don’t even try to play poker with these gents and gentle ladies.

    I would have given a lot to see them ignore Lieberman AND Emmanuel and bring a good Senate bill to the floor, with the promise that Lieberman would forever afterwards be known as the man who killed health care reform should he choose to fight it.

    Oh, and they should have all been made to filibuster.  For real.

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