Getting it out in the open

Can anyone (besides Vampire Squids and the MIC) say with a straight face that the status quo in America is good for most Americans?

Isn’t the entire point of democracy to make the status quo as good as it can be for most Americans?

Once upon a time there was a candidate that seemed to get that.

Once upon a time there were website that existed to change the status quo.

Then that candidate got elected, and something odd happened. The website that existed to change the status quo filled up with people who SUPPORTED the status quo. And who, to put it bluntly….VICIOUSLY….. attacked anyone who questioned the new status quo.

This not directly the fault of that website. Indeed, much like the principle of free speech that it has done an exemplary job of upholding….all things considered and the internet being what it is….through all of these years, the website has no control over who posts there and what they post. As long as people stay withing the relatively few rules of posting there. I am not criticizing the website, but the people who have come to the site through the primary process, and a few that have been there all along. I come here not to bash Daily Kos, I come here to bash the users at Daily Kos who have, in my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of others, ruined it. As far as being a TRULY effective political site dedicated to changing the status quo.

These people took it upon themselves to silence all dissent and run off those who dissented by unrelentingly attacking them. Unrelentingly. Viciously. As if it was not a politician who was at issue, but their own offspring…or more accurately their own ego.

While adoring and venerating this candidate and and finding ways to rationalize and justify everything that he does, they use the very tactics he purports to despise, the very partisan vitriol he says he wants to end, the exact same tactics as those on the Right who want to see him fail….in order to “support” him. They violate daily, every principle of politics that he stands for. While practicing every political practice and ethic that he has condemned. This makes them base hypocrites.

In the process, they have turned a website that was once a force for change and activism into a hollow shell, an echo chamber, where they act as a misinformed and hypocritical Praetorian Guard to a President that exists only in their minds, determined that not one word of criticism, not one ounce of pressure. not on scintilla of dissatisfaction can be expressed without being met with a torrent of hateful name calling, insinuations of racism, and a dogpile of both faux polite and unabashedly hateful condemnation of anyone who dare to dissent from a strict party line of praise and glossy images.

In the process, they make it nearly impossible for a thinking person, a questioning person, a doubtful person to support the President, because those people are instantly set upon by what amounts to nothing more than a mindless mob, intent on….well they have no idea what they are intent on.

They give no thought to coalition, no thought to