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Doctor Drug Test Lawyer Wanted

When I last talked about the arrival of my third grandson this happy time was met by a slap in the face from of all people my daughter’s doctor.  That situation has escalated and the family is now seeking legal services.…

Along with a drug test today’s threat from the doctor’s office comes in the form of a visit by a social worker.  This is above and beyond the area of harrassment, emotional duress based upon what, one missed appointment.  Yeah, I sit here wondering what planet I am on too but this is real, true and happening to my family.

We now return you to your irregular scheduling…

ek’smas blues got you down?

Well, you can use this thread to describe your own personal shitstorm, because mine has me too fucking busy to care!

I like you and I’ll be back as frequently as I can manage which may turn out to be often and long because I really hate being a Gilmore at the moment and may feel compelled to describe it in excruciating (it means nailed to a cross, you could look it up) detail.

For the moment you’ll have to make your own amusement.  I suggest an essay about how Jane Hamsher is a racist for opposing Obama on Health Care Reform The Mandatory Insurance Company Welfare Tithe (it means giving 10% of your income to the Church, you could look it up).


A government Of The People, By The People, and For The People

The People wanted the Public Option, The People STILL want a Public Option, but The people can’t have a Public Option. Why not, if this is A government Of The People, By The People, and For The People? One word…..


Back room deals, “campaign contributions,” lobbyists and the members of Congress who serve them, and an entrenched Status Quo that was and is designed to serve The Corporations….NOT The People.

A Status Quo and a way of “doing business” that we were promised would “Change” if a certain candidate got elected. The same candidate who promised transparency and open government is the candidate that made the backroom deals that determined and ensured that HCR would be for, of and by the The Corporations.

And thus, indisputably AGAINST The People.

Corrupt Senators, Corrupt House members, a corrupt system. In both Parties. At all levels. And a White House that instead of “Changing” that system, at the very LEAST plays along with it.

The People have spoken loud and clear what they want. The Politicians and Corporations have said a flat blank NO. And are not even doing much to attempt to cover up or even obfuscate or obscure WHY the People can’t get what The People have unmistakeably told their government they want.


Bald, brazen, and in your face.

YOUR government is corrupt, and no one in power seems to have any idea or intention of doing anything about it. After all it is all “legal.” The fact that the very same people who are so corrupt wrote the laws that makes their corruption “legal” is just the ridiculous icing on the absurd cake that We The People are being told to eat.

And what is the cherry of lunacy on top of this farce of a cake?

That the response to it all is not to root out the corrupt, not to join together as one to use People Power to take our government back from the corrupt cowards, not to use the tools we have to Yell Louder to Change the System as we were promised….

But that instead those tools are being used to try to burn at the stake anyone who DOES try to find a way to change it.

In their zeal to protect one politician from criticism, a segment of the blogosphere has decide that THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO….

Is attack…a blogger.

Not attacking the system, not the exposing and rooting out the corruption of the system, not protesting the the fact that we no longer have a government of, by and for The People but a government wholly bought to act against the interests of The People. No that would make sense, that would be the right thing to do, the constructive thing to do, the thing that NEEDS to be done.

The very thing that people Power and Internet activism was MADE to do.

Instead all of the Power of that tool has been trained on a single target with the am of smearing and destroying …


If i was a republican, what would I want the vast and demonstrated power of the (once) Liberal blogs to do to neuter their effectiveness?

Why, gosh I would want them to do …..EXACTLY what they are doing right now.

Open Schmaltz


Support Full Court Press Foundation-Building

I posted an entry on the Mediocre Orange Hype this morning regarding the Full Court Press, or to be more specific, laying the foundations for it.  It’s a rewrite of what was posted over at Closed Left that got me banned again.  So far the results are favorable; more people supported it at last count than not, but I want to make sure the entry makes the rec list.  If it does, more people will vote in the poll, and we’ll have a better idea of how much support there is in the blogosphere for Jeff’s Full Court Press idea.  I mean, if a large enough number of Kos readers are willing to go with Jeff’s idea, then we can certainly get large numbers of other blog readers to go with it.



Before I get into the reasons why I’ve decided to discontinue posting essays or comments at buhdydharma‘s Daily Kos-inspired blog, let me briefly explain why I began posting there in the first place.

Goodman & Greenwald On The Senate HCR Bill

HCR Bill Reinforces Corrupt Monopoly Status Health Insurance Industry

Glenn Greenwald talks with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and breaks down in detail where the HCR bill stands now…

Health Bill Passes Key Senate Hurdle; Legislation Restricts Abortion Funding, Stripped of Public Option, Medicare Expansion

The Senate took a big step toward passing its sweeping healthcare bill early [Monday]. Shortly after 1am, the Senate voted 60-40 along party lines to break a Republican filibuster and approve a motion to move the legislation to final passage later this week. The legislation has no public option, no expansion of Medicare eligibility and includes restrictions on the use of federal funding for abortions. We speak with blogger, Glenn Greenwald.

This is apparently Part 1, with Part 2 yet to come…

Docudharma Times Tuesday December 22

Tuesday’s Headlines:

US forces mounted secret Pakistan raids in hunt for al-Qaida


Efforts Lag at Making Highway Work Zones Safer

States’ jobless funds are being drained in recession

Help end Gaza blockade, aid groups urge EU

Cleric’s funeral breathes life into Iran’s protest movement

Auschwitz sign was ‘stolen for trophy hunters’

Cryptic signatures that ‘prove Shakespeare was a secret Catholic’

China rejects UK claims it hindered Copenhagen talks

Weapons seizure hits North Korea hard

Somalia’s chaos spreading far beyond its frontier and coastline

UN: Guinea military junta leader Camara responsible for massacre

This Year’s Top Ten

This is not the Top Ten you might think. These are the Top Ten Humanitarian Crises from around the world that are selected by Doctors Without Borders at the end of each year.

  Aid Blocked and Diseases Neglected

New York, December 21, 2009 – Civilians attacked, bombed, and cut off from aid in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), along with stagnant funding for treating HIV/AIDS and ongoing neglect of other diseases, were among the worst emergencies in 2009, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reported today in its annual list of the “Top Ten” humanitarian crises.

Continuing crises in north and south Sudan, along with the failure of the international community to finally combat childhood malnutrition were also included on this year’s list.  The list is drawn from MSF’s operational activities in close to 70 countries, where the organization’s medical teams witnessed some of the worst humanitarian conditions.

“Why They Hate Us” Reason #5847293

In the interview, Hiss described how his doctors would mask the removal of corneas from bodies. “We’d glue the eyelid shut,” he said. “We wouldn’t take corneas from families we knew would open the eyelids.”,

I’m not one of those who buys into the “blowback” theories about terrorism, especially of the sophisticated Psyops events like 9/11.  

However, people all around the world, especially in the Arab world, hate us, and they hate us for a lot of good reasons.

One of the biggest reasons they hate us is for our unequivocal support of the war criminal state of Israel.   It doesn’t matter how atrocious the atrocities committed, the U.S. goes out of its way to support anything Israel does.    That last attack in Gaza was particularly criminal and brazen, and our “esteemed” low-lives in our U.S. Congress decided to actually pass a resolution praising Israel’s crimes then.     The vote was 390 to 5.  

But that’s just politics, right?   That’s just your basic warfare stuff, happens all the time, there will always be wars and rumors of war like the bible says, right?   Okay, sure.   You can set all that aside and just take a look at this:

Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs

For the first time, Israel has tacitly admitted stealing Palestinian body parts for transplant in Jewish patients, vindicating accusations leveled by Palestinians and rights groups over the past years.”We started to harvest corneas…whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family,” pathologist Yehuda Hiss, the former head of the Abu Akbar  Center, also known as the L. Greenberg Institute for Forensic Medicine, told Nancy Sheppard-Hughes, now a professor of Anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley, in a documentary aired by the Israeli Channel Two.

The documentary revealed that in the 1990s, forensic specialists harvested corneas, heart valves and bones from the bodies of Israeli soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians and foreign workers, often without permission from relatives.

Israel has also been accused of deliberately killing Palestinians in order to harvest their organs.

Other body parts believed to have been harvested from deceased Palestinians and others included heart arteries, bones and corneal tissues.

“The skins were taken from the bodies and transmitted to Hadasah hospital in West Jerusalem on the request of the Israeli army to be transplanted to wounded soldiers and in case of disaster,” said Hiss.

Hiss revealed that in the early 1990s, military surgeons began removing a thin layer of skin from bodies to treat burn victims, which he said was done without family consent.

Hughes reportedly decided to publish the interview, recorded in 2000 as part of her studies at the Israeli forensic institute, after a leading Swedish daily reported in August that Israeli soldiers killed Palestinians to trade in their organs.

A Swedish journalist revealed earlier this year that Israeli doctors at the Abu Akbar forensic institute had been harvesting organs from Palestinians killed by the Israeli army.

And this isn’t like a one-time thing.  Check this out:

40 years after Israel’s first transplant, donor’s family says his heart was stolen

When Avraham’s brother asked to see the body, the hospital refused. However, he insisted and the doctors finally gave in. The body was completely covered in bandages, “which didn’t jive with a stroke, so he unwrapped the bandages, and was shocked to see the upper body empty: Instead of internal organs, there were bandages that had been stuffed inside to fill the space,” Ofra said.

“They treated him like an alley cat,” she said tearfully. “From the moment he entered the hospital, they apparently saw him only as a potential source of organs and not as a man in need of treatment. They only thought about how to do the deed without us knowing.”

It took a few hours before the family connected the state of the body with the historic transplant. Then, they began asking questions – but the hospital insisted that Sadegat’s heart had not been used.

The family then applied to three cabinet ministers, demanding to know why the heart had been taken without their consent. They did not ask for compensation; they simply wanted to know the truth.

The affair aroused a media storm, but the hospital continued to stick to its denial. Only weeks later did it finally give in and admit that Sadegat’s heart had been used. But it made this admission only after the family signed a document promising not to sue.

And then, of course, there are little things like this:

Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

Open Thread: Pseudonyms For Words At The Daily Kos

(Cross-posted from The Free Speech Zone)

Just got back from Spanish Harlem to get some Christmas Trees and i’m still a little spacey from sparking some of NYC’s Finest Sour Deez.  In order to get any play over there I have to have my hawk up apparently, only way they sell to “Little Mac” as my street name has become apparently.  I like to think it’s because of all the work they know I do for Juanita Young’s Police Brutality March organizers but something tells me it’s because i’m a little white boy.

Ah well.

However, here are a few words you can use in place of obscenities that only we will know thus it will be hysterical when diaries at the Daily Kos show up with them in the title, will make us laugh, and they won’t know why.

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