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Mainstream Corporate

The ideology and ideological reality that exists in today’s society should be called Mainstream Corporate. It is mainstream and it is corporate. Tying these 2 constructs together allows us to reframe the idea of the dominant ideological structure within our political and social understanding from Left vs Right to Property vs People.

Right now, many Americans are suffering from ideological propaganda, left, right and center. That ideological propaganda is Mainstream Corporate.

The Left, present company excluded, I’m sure, is told that the Right Wing Fascists want to take away your freedom. The Right is told that the “Left Wing Socialists want to take away your freedom”.  

The Reality is that it is a Mainstream Corporate Socialized Fascism – people participating in and paying for the development of a corporate fascist state – from the Center is taking away your freedom.

It’s working because both sides have an element of truth to them and Mainstream Corporate Media is pushing both of these partial truths as hard as they can.

So what happens is that Mainstream Corporate ideology dominates every argument that Left and Right have and defines the Debate. While the debate exists under the confines of our Mainstream Corporate ‘reality’, the reality of a Mainstream Corporate society is entirely insulated and shielded by the partial truths of each actor in the debate. So the people of the Left and of the Right pay for, and work towards a corporate fascist state. I’d even go as far to say that the Left and Right as institutions work together, although not cooperatively but symbiotically towards that end as well.

The Center of our socio-politcal understanding, as a people, is Mainstream Corporate.

If we can make that argument effectively I think we can alter the framing of the debate.

The phrase ties Corporate to the Mainstream. That is extremely important in reframing our socio-political understanding. From that point we can see the Elephant in the Living Room. It just pops into focus as if out of thin air.

“Holy Shit! Where did that come from!? Was that in here all this time!”

Now we can start to explore the effects of Mainstream Corporate ideology instead of getting trapped in hackneyed, and highly predictable, Conservative vs Liberal ideological battles.

Once that elephant pops into focus, it’s over.  

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    • icosa on November 9, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    and I think this election has done more than anything else to show us.  I see it in neon.

  1. unless you exclude from the debate the vast majority of people who neither agree with nor benefit from these policies.

    Mainstream connotes a legitimacy that I don’t think is warranted.  Why not just say Progressive vs. Corporatist?

    • Edger on November 9, 2009 at 6:33 pm

  2. yet people just don’t know it.  911 truth leads to globo-fascism truth leads to http://www.projectcamelot.org and the UFO disclosure project making the elephant very large indeed.  The entire thing highly wasteful, not green, unsustainable, parasitically evil.  

    After December when the deliberate take down of the US becomes evident to Joe Six pack will all out revolution happen.  Mandatory junk insurance, gas at 10 bucks, no jobs, no future.   How is mainstream going to spin that.


    Go down to the project camelot videos.

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