Team In Training Update and post Election thoughts

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Morning all (cant say good cause it’s not)

Last Easter Sunday my dad, his sister and I got rip roarin drunk after all the Sunday hoopla had ended, dads a protestant minister and Easter is the culmination of a very busy season for him, anyway amidst all the drunken meandering conversations we got to religion as usual.  Now I was raised in the ‘family business’ as I call being a PK and I’ve never been timid about speaking my mind when it comes to God and faith.  I don’t belittle other folks beliefs and I don’t like to have mine belittled either.  I told my dad that to me faith, religion, god, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha etc etc are all facets of one over arching God and that that God is everything and everyone. You, me, him, the seat on which I sit the air we breath the food we eat, its all God and we all have one and only one job – To try with all our hearts to please that God.  

Think about it raising a child, doing a job buying a steak all present opportunities to please or at least not offend God, to not hurt the world or others Its not easy but think on it for a bit.

On to today, I went for my daily run 4 miles slow.  About half way through I had to stop, I was so distracted by thoughts of yesterdays elections and what we as a nation have or have not learned.  Question 1 in Maine, lord all mighty,WTF!!! Virginia, UNREAL, they just voted for a man whos little better than a flat earther in his modern thinking, women should be bare foot pregnant and in the kitchen, Gays and fornicators should be discriminated against and forget equal rights for anyone not White and Male.  In NJ we got a Baron Harkonen (Dune) wanna be, and thankfully NY 23 didn’t go the Beck Palin rout.

I thought for a bit and came up with the idea that anyone who voted for any of these folk or issues is little better than a pedophile,  they just bent over there own grand kids and buggered them.  Make no mistake people who voted for the republican or conservative candidate or for question 1 in Maine just voted for there own comfort over the survival of our planet, the fair treatment of gays and lesbians, education, infrastructure, and what amounts to a civil society in general because it’ll cost em.  Screw  the kiddies.  

In 19230’s Germany many many folk supported what would become the NAZI party, they promised stability,safety, nationalism and most importantly a scape goat, the Jews, whats the difference now?  The wingers promis a return to some non existent past of Ozzy an Harriot America where the queers and colereds werent so upity. Where your home is your castle and the Towel Heads cant fly planes into buildings.  And people buy it, as long as the Government doesn’t tap my phone and as long as its ‘them’ that’s getting persecuted everything’s Ok  Just like Germany, well just wait, first it’ll be the queers then the progressives then the colored then your grand kids and then what?  Are they gonna be like the local citizenry dragged into death camps to see what they have supported and will they blythely claim “We didn’t know”

In the movie The Neurenberg Trials Spencer Tracey aseeds to Burt Lancaster’s request that he stop by Spandow prison before his return to the U.S. Tracey the U.S. Supreme Court judge was sent as part of the victors tribunal,  Lancaster plays a once internationally respected jurist and teacher who was convicted of crimes against humanity.  Anyway, Lancaster asks something to the effect of ‘Where did we go wrong?’  Tracey’s response was ‘The first time you convicted an innocent man’.  

So I sat and wondered, looking over the Toms River, how does what just happen please God?.  Then I got up and finished my run.

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