Ireland’s public sector strike day: Crocodile tears won’t stem the tide

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Original article, by Séamus Loughlin, via Socialist Appeal (UK):

Ireland: Well over 250,000 Irish workers in the public sector were on strike on the 24th of this month. There would have been many more, but the unions guaranteed emergency cover including flood relief in the west, the midlands and the Shannon area and in Cork City. It’s a feature of every major strike, not just here, but throughout the world, that the well fed representatives of the bourgeois and particularly the mean spirited and greedy petty bourgeois attempt to criticise and attack the worker’s movement. These fine gentlemen and ladies are always the first to reach for the box of tissues as they weep crocodile tears about the poor and the vulnerable who they claim (wringing their hands in woe) are being let down by the strikers. The fact that the government have been slashing and burning public services for the last year and attacking the vulnerable seems conveniently to have been forgotten.

First off, good for the Irish workers for striking. If only we had the motivation to do so in the US. Of course, we don’t, since we don’t know any better than to bow at our masters’ feet.

Consider this: Ireland has 6.3 million people, and 250,000 were on strike. That’s roughly 4% of the population. A similar ratio of US population would be 12,223,570. Do you think such a strike might have some effect in Washington?

Workers don’t strike because they just fancy doing so, strikes are forced upon workers by the policies of management and the government. The workers in Galway, Athlone and Cork were working yesterday to save life and limb in the floods, workers are reliable sensible people in the main. That’s why when you have well over a quarter of a million on strike then there is something up. There is indeed something serious up. It is a crisis of capitalism that is corroding the economy and the state and affecting the consciousness of all classes in society. These crocodile tears are something else though, these are the people who filled their boots in the Celtic Tiger years, now they are attacking workers for defending their families, its sheer hypocrisy.

The Celtic Tiger economy was built upon the workers, and upon dodgy financing. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The workers kept their end of the bargain. Now that it’s time for the financiers to do the same, um, they fight against the workers. But then again, what do you expect from the bosses and bankster frauds?

I’ll let you read the rest of the article. Keep in mind that the Irish workers look to keep up the pressure on the government. It’s good to see some group in the West decide to take on the bosses. Perhaps we in the US might take notice and follow their lead.

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  1. I wonder what it will take to get US workers to come to their senses?

  2. When they realize it’s not something that happens to ‘the other guy’ and when they finally remember ‘together we can change conditions’.

    Like a chain the workforce is only as strong as its weakest link.

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