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CenterShot: The Myth Of The Middle (reprise)

After reading Tocque’s comment a few minutes ago in which he said

Obama is the best weapon the bank-o-crats have ever had. He’s destroyed the left in this country and probably globally.“,

and to which I responded with

I don’t think he’s destroyed the left. I think what he’s done is shown up most of what the media has long called the left to be center right and full of shit. The real left hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s right here on the page, for example…“,

I thought it was time, for what it might be worth for people who weren’t here at DD then, to repost this (originally from July 03, 2008).


Lately there has been a growing and increasingly loudly voiced call from some of the more extreme centrists and from the DLC itself pushing the idea that to win elections – the upcoming 2008 presidential election comes to mind for some strange reason – and gain power Democrats will have to move sharply to the right, and that liberals and progressives are dooming America to successive rethuglican administrations.

Sunday morning, March 11, 2007 in “Where Is America’s True Center?” David Sirota wrote that:

The purported proof of such an assertion by Democratic Leadership Council mouthpieces Elaine Kamarck and Bill Galston was this finding:

“In 2004, only 21 percent of voters called themselves liberal, while 34 percent said they were conservative. The rest, 45 percent, characterized themselves as moderate.”

The Washington media joined with Kamarck and Galston in billing this as an extraordinary finding that proved once and for all that Democrats must become more “moderate” or “conservative” because so few voters labeled themselves “liberal.”

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