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Obama Says Guantanamo Will Not Be Closed By His Own Deadline

According to The Washington Post this morning Obama said in an interview with Fox News’ Major Garrett in China that he will not fulfill his promise to have the Guantanamo Bay prison closed by his own self-imposed deadline of January 2010.

He also said to Garrett that he is not disappointed about not closing it.

He is still hopey changey though, although he did say that he “knew this was going to be hard”, and that it is “also just technically hard”. Perhaps the doors are too heavy and it takes a long time to get them open.

He refuses now to set a new deadline, except for effectively maybe someday, presumably so that he won’t be blamed for missing it again.

His interview with Garrett is scheduled to air on Fox at 6:00AM this morning…

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Open Thread

Wednesday Morning Science Supplement

Wednesday Morning Science Supplement is an Open Thread

31 Story Final.

From Yahoo News Science

1 Last chance prep talks wrap up ahead of Copenhagen

by Slim Allagui, AFP

Tue Nov 17, 2:06 pm ET

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Environment ministers from 44 key countries on Tuesday wrapped up closed-door talks aimed at laying the groundwork for a political agreement at next month’s UN conference on global warming.

Danish Climate Minister Connie Hedegaard described the meeting as “very constructive.”

Delegations included major greenhouse gas emitters, including China, the United States, India and Brazil, as well as several island nations and African states that are among the poorest in the world and most vulnerable to climate change.

Busting on the NY Times


Excuse me.

While I cannot be entirely sure whether the current collection of bylines (and photo) are being intentionally funny or not, I would like to assure you that my boobs are not the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

However, I will grant you that smashing my boobs in a machine that tries to turn them into pringles every year in an effort to detect cancer seems painful and counterproductive – unless one is part of the boob-mashing industry which somehow manages to convince it’s victims to not only suck up this nasty treatment but also to PAY for it… I will admit that to that degree this barbaric process does, perhaps, bear some remote similarity to the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

One wonders whether Lady Liberty’s copper assets would meet a fate like this should some military/industrial complex savage decide that it would be profitable and necessary, in an Ayn Randian sort of way, to turn her front into pringles. It is bad enough that the huddled masses yearn to breathe free on the best of days. Frankly if it were me being menaced by some jackass with a pringle machine in the name of freedom, I’d find a new home for the torch.

Prior to this particular last few decades, this barbaric treatment of women did not occur, yet not as many women died from breast cancer because there were also other stupid things we weren’t doing, like using depleted uranium ammunition in our wars and allowing corporations to destroy our environment with radioactive and toxic waste.

Doctor it hurts when I do this. Don’t DO this. I am not in a hurry to turn my boobs into pringles again any time soon. There’s gotta be a better way. Pringle-smashing ain’t natural, it ain’t fun, and it doesn’t catch cancer any damn bit faster than a FREE, daily self examination.

Never again the pringle times. Troops home now. ;-7

Joe Lieberman, Howard Rich, Louisiana, and AQAH

The MSM has duly taken note that the North Carolina legal firm of Moore & Van Allen is doing work for “AQAH,”  aka  “Americans for Quality Affordable Healthcare,”  which is anything but, as it’s fighting to kill the reform legislation,  but its spokesperson refuses to name the clients who have hired them.  In the ways of the MSM, the search engine is broken… or lacks motivation.  We do have confirmed sightings in NV, ME, and LA.  It was named as Republican astroturf in a front page post at GOS, a start, but didn’t go any further.

It’s going to be the same special interests, just using more identity masks.

Nevada, Maine, Louisiana.    

First thing that makes me think of is the Tea Party Patriots doing their tour bus routine with the Russo Marsh/Move America Forward Republican PR firm, because that PAC did a bunch of anti Harry Reid advertising this summer and toured thru Nevada doing teaparty rallies  (which the FEC is all over their butts for with that filing of Our Country Deserves Better PAC  ). And Prop 8 money from Utah and CA was recently in Maine, letting the 2 moderate lady Republican Senators, Snowe & Collins, know that the Tea Party apparatus was gearing up for Maine 2010.  Louisiana, that’s easy, Sen. Landrieu is on the Republican’s list of mostly likely to be swingable, and she’s also a top recipient of Dem Senate Campaign Committee funding. Louisiana is an oil state.

We’re going to go do some deep sea exploring.  

Palin says yes to 2012 presidential run

AFP via RawStory:

Sarah Palin dropped a heavy hint Tuesday that she might seek to run for the White House in 2012 as champion of America’s Republican right.

Speaking to ABC television’s Barbara Walters, the former running mate in John McCain’s failed 2008 presidential bid gave every appearance of releasing a trial balloon.

“That certainly isn’t on my radar screen right now, but when you consider some of the ordinary-turning-into-extraordinary events that have happened in my life, I am not one to predict what will happen in a few years,” she said.

She stated her desire was to “help our country.” Then, asked if she would play a “major” role in the 2012 presidential election, she answered: “If the people will have me, I will.

TONIGHT! on PBS: Tibet/Nepal, Lost Cave Temples of the Himalayas

wow this looks good. I don’t “tivo” so Im posting an essay here, maybe that will remind me to watch it! lol

ON TV Lost Cave Temples of the Himalayas and Secrets of Shangri-La premiere Wednesday, November 18, on PBS (check local listings.).

EDIT: whoa, triple header for my area, three in a row! The last is this 30 minute documentary: Mustang – Journey of Transformation.

See more about it here.


May 7, 2007-In the remote highlands of Nepal, a local shepherd has made some unusual “additions” to his flock-an international team of archaeologists.

The sheepherder recently led researchers to an isolated complex of caves containing a massive treasure trove of Buddhist art, including a 55-panel mural of Buddha’s life, one panel of which is seen above.

Overnight Caption Contest

Army Suicides, “Things are getting better.” Huh?

This was caught a short while ago:

Number of Army Suicides Expected to Top Last Year’s Number

The U.S. Army says it expects the number of suicides among active duty soldiers to top last year’s numbers, although it says progress is being made in addressing the issue…>>>>

They just made a quick comment at the end of the PBS News Hour, saying “The pace was slowing.” the Army’s response to the higher numbers of suicides!

Why I Believe In Dog


Tulum, Mexico — This is a friend of mine.  Young Mexican beach dog.  Apparently, she has an owner who appreciates her and feeds her.  Not as much as gringo dogs, but enough.  She’s been hanging around for about a week, just visiting.  

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican writer and laureate, says in his novel The Years With Laura Diaz, that Mexican dogs look like this because of the Mexican Revolution.  Landowners with pure bred dogs, dogs with pedigrees, had to let their dogs go, had to unchain them, when they fled the revolution, or got thrown off their haciendas, or lost all of their possessions.  The dogs had their own caste system, obviously, but it wasn’t the same one as people in Mexico had at that time.  Dogs accept and live with their own system and its hierarchy.  After the Revolution, the dogs created this new, revolutionary species.  Mexican beach dog.  My friend above is a wonderful example.

This is just one of the many reasons why I believe in dog.  History might be written by the winners.  Yes.  But in the end, dog survives.

Pink Month Over?

I guess Breast Cancer awareness month is over, that an corporate has decided “you don’t need a mammogram”,,,er,,ah,,we ain’t gonna pay for that anymore under the brand new improved emergency much needed, we have to do something right now, health care reform bill.  This and more X-files type Illuminati News up next.

“Hollywood Mayor” Looks To Move Up – And Out of Newark

courtesy Rahim on the Docks

Newark mayor Cory Booker couldn’t wait a week. NJ Governor Jon Corzine was just voted out in an widely-reported odd-year race that was more about suburban control of the state than about taxes, Wall Street, corruption, or any of the issues that Republican challenger “Krispy Kreme” Christy pushed.

The media-hungry mayor hastened to disassociate himself from the fellow Democrat that he had supposedly been supporting–and also to throw his own hat into the ring for the next gubernatorial race. This is pretty clear evidence that he’s going to spend the next four years running instead of governing.

Cory “Hollywood” Booker has a lot of incentive to run for state-wide office. Not least is the fact that he’s reduced nearly all his bridges in Newark to smoking wrecks. He lies–repeatedly and blatantly–at every public appearance.

At this year’s Labor Day March in Newark, he represented himself as a “friend of labor” at the rally to the very unions he’s attempted to bust (while trying to upstage US Congressman Donald Payne–an actual “friend of labor”–who was the parade’s Grand Marshall). His most repeated claim is to be pro-education as he destroys city public schools in favor of charter schools owned by political contributors. He professes to support citizens against greedy and corrupt businesses, while turning off tenants’ water because their landlords had unpaid water-bills and taxes (see The Community Fights “Hollywood” Booker Over Right to Water… Newark Wins!).

And all the while, Cory Booker maintains that, as mayor, he has reduced street-crime.

This is, perhaps, the biggest lie of them all. Anyone who actually lives in Newark has witnessed the ever-increasing levels of street-violence. Booker has allowed his Giuliani-esque police force to run amok in the neighborhoods. The sharpest single example of the anti-community policies carried out by Police Director Gary McCarthy, an NYC transplant, is the police murder this past May of Bashire Farrell. Farrell was beaten to death by Newark police while in handcuffs.

Defenders of McCarthy’s police policies insist that neighborhood residents who’d witnessed the beat-down “had to be lying” because they claimed that the cops used tasers. “Stun guns are not standard issue in Newark.” As though they are not for sale to anyone with a badge at cop shops down on Williams Street or anywhere in the state.

Last Saturday saw a rain-soaked march to the 5th Precinct on Bigelow Street, called by Mr. Farrell’s aunt, Sharonda Smalls. It was far broader than simply a demand for justice for her nephew. Ms. Smalls reached out to families of other victims of police brutality, as well as the People’s Organization for Progress (of which she is a member) and other community-based groups.

“We’re all family,” Ms. Smalls said. “The moment you hear the horrifying news about a loved one, you become a member of my family.” She went on to talk about the many neighborhood residents who’ve suffered at the hand of the local police. But Smalls also broadened the issue beyond the precinct and even Newark, when she expanded the battle by talking about Amar McLean who was handcuffed and then “shot in the back, execution-style” by deputies of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.

“The 5th Precinct has a reputation for arrested suspects never making it to the station house,” Lawrence Hamm, POP’s chairman said. “This has got to stop! This is Newark, 2009 — not Montgomery in the 1950s.”

“We need to hold elected officials accountable for what happens on their watch,” New Black Panther Party spokesman Zayid Muhammad said. “And if Cory Booker can be reelected after this, the shame is on us!”

The broader lesson is very clear. Cory “Hollywood” Booker is interested in Newark as a stepping-stone to state-wide or even national office, and that’s all. His “tough love” policies are designed to polish his image at the expense of Newark residents. Because he’s young, photogenic and well-spoken, folks like Oprah Winfrey have taken to him and are promoting him as a kind of “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giulani-style.

And we can’t forget the other thing besides name recognition that campaign for high office in this country requires. Money. Lots of money. And Cory Booker has the closest thing you can get to a public money-laundering scheme without winding up in jail. Here’s how it works: well-meaning out-of-towners, following Oprah’s example, donate money to help provide better schools for Newark. Booker takes their money and directs it to privately-owned, for-profit charter schools owned by campaign contributors. These folks turn around and make fat contributions to Booker’s electoral war-chest.

It is our responsibility in Newark to stop Cory “Hollywood” Booker’s climb to power–on our backs–right here and now. We have to expose his money-laundering schemes and the policies he promotes because they look good to well-meaning NJ suburbanites. And we have to fight for our own needs and interests, because he sure won’t be doing it.

Crossposted from Fire on the Mountain, where there are some nifty pix of POP in action.

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