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Hey!  Did you know that the recession is over!?

Wow, I had no idea.   That’s good news, right?!

Right!   Hey, we can go out and spend again.  It’s oooooo-kay!   “They” say it is.

“They” being our masters who tell us if the sun is shining, if their shit stinks, and what our favorite color is!

I am just absolutely fucking insulted by this bullshit:

“The recession gripping the United States for nearly two years is over” chortles the first sentence of this bullshit article.

Yeah, right.  

Unemployment is staggeringly high and getting worse, the dollar is crashing, but these fucking tools have decided to tell us that “the recession is over”.  

Words fail me.  I seriously cannot think of a word that fits.  Idiots?   Morons?   Fools?   Liars?   None of them do justice.

And I love it how in the very next sentence, they try to temper their delusions with this:

… but economic growth may be held in check by high unemployment

Gee, do ya think?  

Whoever came up with this nonsense are people who obviously have jobs.

And they don’t seem to have a CLUE as to what a recession actually is.

The unemployment rate was forecast to rise to 10 percent in the first quarter of next year and edge down to 9.5 percent by the end of 2010 while inflation is expected to remain contained throughout next year.

So unemployment is actually expected, even by these fucktards, to go up for a while, before it gets better.

But that’s okay!   Because the recession is “over!”

No wonder we’re in such trouble, with assclowns like this deciding which direction “up” is.

Obviously these fools come from the school of

UPDATE:   A few links that might be interesting to some:

Warning: banks can raid your account to pay towards debts

MIAMI (Reuters) – Every 13 seconds in America, there is another foreclosure filing.

Whodunit?  Sneak attack on U.S. dollar

Financial Times:  Endowments at Ivy League Schools in Total Freefall

U.S. states suffer “unbelievable” revenue shortages

Approaching a grim milestone: the 100th bank failure of 2009.

There’s always more, that’s just a few that I found.

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    • Inky99 on October 13, 2009 at 3:54 am
    • Edger on October 13, 2009 at 4:23 am

    As the article explains…

    The NABE also said that lackluster household sector spending was expected to be a drag on the economy, restraining growth of consumer spending, a key driver of growth.

    …the only reason there is a recession at all is because of all those lazy deadbeats out there without jobs who sit on their asses all day and don’t spend.

    But as soon as the democrats mandate that they all have to buy health insurance then that big boost in consumer spending is going to fix everything.

    The recession is all just a figment of your imagination. An optical illusion that disappears as soon as you look on the bright side.


    • Robyn on October 13, 2009 at 5:25 am

    It is not “bad times”.  So I’m not insulted at all.

  1. I like that title.

    • icosa on October 13, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    I just say we are in a depression.  Very obvious to me.  Inwards and outwards.

  2. China, Russia, Japan, France, Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, etc. all drop kicking the dollar out the place.

    You think South Ossetia was an “ideological” move?

    Cracka please!  Russia was just grabbin the roads that bring the Texas-T.  All about the C.R.E.A.M. (Crude Rules Everything Around Me).

    So lets sit back and watch the “Economic Gangbang” on the U.S.!

    Fuck yo dollar bitches!

    Make da oil rain!

    France will be pushing for them to pull off an “Eiffel Tower” just to be, you know, “French” about the whole thing.  

  3. …like JPMorgan with their just announced 3.6 billion profit. They and their fellow robber-baron profiteers bankers & corporatists like Goldman Sachs are making so much profit, because, among other things, all those massive layoffs they enabled are quite profitable for them:   Deep job cuts “give US groups and edge”.

    The unemployed in this country are apparently just so much “collateral damage” that the corporate CEO’s are more than willing to sacrifice and their recession isn’t Wall St’s concern.  If Wall St. was ever really in a recession, apparently they’re over it now.  It’s just the rest of us that continue to suffer, but we’re not the ones they’re concerned with; we’re not the ones they’re talking about.

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