roman polanski: that sucker needs to go right to jail

I just read this:…

Thinking about this man’s defense of Roman Polanski made me flip me top. This man really needs to learn something. The minister of culture in France should resign and Polanski should to go to jail. Who do these people think they are?

Did he get the IDs of these “boys” to make sure they were 18? No? Then resign.

Roman Polanski plead guilty in the 1970s in California. He must have had a lousy lawyer and made a lot of bad decisions, but still he plead guilty to statutory rape, although the victim claims it was also rape in the standard sense, that she did not consent.

He then fled the country before he could be sentenced. There is no justice system in the world that can tolerate people running away after conviction.

The state of California reached out to him a few years ago, now that the presiding judge from the 70s is no longer around. The prosecutor offered to consider the issues about the original trial, if he would come back. He decided not to show up.

Polanski claims malfeasance on the part of the judge at the time. He had 30 some years to work that out in California. He can show up, make his case and take his lumps. He might have gotten off with 6 months in jail, a fine and some community-minded work.

But he didn’t show up. Now what is he going to say to the judge in Switzerland?

“I cannot get a fair trial in California.”

Why not? Are California trials biased against celebrities? Systematically biased against French citizens? Against Jews? Is the justice system in California completely chaotic and dysfunctional? Is Roman Polanski hated personally by the evil anti-celebrity, anti-foreigner, anti-European movie-maker forces of Arnold Schwatnegger’s California?

If there is no systematic discrimination against Polanski due to his status as a member of a group and California’s justice system is not completely broken, then he has to show up and face a judge in California. He has a history of jumping bail, so no bail.

When he gets to California, the judge should throw the book at him without mercy. If he had shown up on his own volition, that would be one thing. Then the only issue would be the underlying crime of sex with an underage girl, to which he plead guilty. He could bring up the issue of inappropriate behavior on the part of the presiding judge in the 1970s.

But not now. Now he’s got other problems: failing to appear, contempt of court, immigration violations, a whole bunch of new charges.

He’s in a heap of trouble and absolutely deserves it. He made terrible choices in the 1970s. He doubled down on those choices just in the past few years.

We have a system of justice. Unless there is systematic discrimination in the system, it must be respected.

Hard time for the guilty who show no remorse and no guts, if you ask me.

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  1. Man, is this guy stupid.

  2. shitcan him immediately.  That’s the same mindset most politicians seem to have.  They really don’t care about the common people, the less fortunate, those caught in evil and dangerous conditions.  He actually admits to not caring how those “boys” are put in that situation.  He just uses it for his enjoyment.  Kind of like war and killing millions of people.  Somehow they can justify it in their minds.  The older I get the more I realize people just aren’t as smart as they think they are.  

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