Richard Engel in Afghanistan at a “Tip of the Spear”

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The Video below, not a trailer, is the first video of this series that aired the night of 10.11.09 in an hour special, MSNBC broke it up online into six parts, the rest are linked below the video.

One of many of the articles recently written as the focus, after seven years, once again turns to the Afghan occupation as does the debate on being there, occupied now going into the ninth year. It was not secured after ridding the Taliban government and al Qaeda was put on the run when we invaded, destroyed and occupied the innocent people of Iraq where we still have tens of thousands of soldiers and private contractors, some being of our now mercenary army.

‘Our entire system of delivering aid is broken’

An Afghan boy washes among the ruins of a Kandahar building supplies store destroyed by a rocket attack in August. Recent reports assessing Afghanistan’s progress show government institutions are deteriorating as much as the country’s security.

Administration officials say the U.S. is falling far short of Obama’s goals to fight Afghanistan’s deep corruption, create a functioning government and legal system and train a police force. Full story here.

NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel goes on patrol with the U.S. soldiers of Viper Company in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, nicknamed the “Valley of Death.” Get a taste of the harsh, unforgiving fight against the Taliban at an American outpost in this one-hour documentary.

Tip of the Spear Part 2

Friendly Fire kills one and injures two

Tip of the Spear Part 3

Tip of the Spear Part 4

Tip of the Spear Part 5

Tip of the Spear Final Part

My thoughts: It stopped having anything to do with the devastating attacks on this country that happened on 9/11 {Iraq never was about}, which is still used as the purpose after the main objective of the invasion and occupation was to capture or kill those that carried out the attacks, they still exist, on this country and other countries of the criminal terrorism that knows no borders, as the drums of War and the Focus turned onto the innocent people of Iraq and the brutal Dictator we helped install and supported for years!

Invading and Occupying Iraq left Afghanistan unsecured, after the downfall of the Taliban, the placement of U.S. friendlies in control of the Government, and the scattering of al Qaeda, the name of a now phantom group and ideology any can use as an umbrella to organize under, the proclaimed guilty criminal terror organization that carried out 9/11, as it took the needed soldiers, and especially the promised rebuilding monies, from Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Afghans to the destruction of another country, and people, Iraq!

We are now into the ninth year, Afghanistan, spreading into Pakistan, and well into the seventh year, Iraq!