Ponies for Magnifico!

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After two years of simply RELENTLESS blogging in his series 4@4, Magnifico is hanging it up. Please go give him so love in his last (for now anyway!) edition of his great series.

Ek will be taking over for him with his own brand of je ne se quois, but no one can replace the je ne se quois that Magnifico brings to le Table!

He has been here from the get go and his creation and dedication to 4@4 has been remarkable. As has been the perspective and emphasis he has brought to the series. We are losing a member of the family, but we were blessed to have him, so let’s concentrate on that….and not on the fact that his leaving will leave a giant gaping gap in all of our lives, the bastard!!!

(oops, did I say that out loud?)

Thanks you Mags! and Bon Chance!


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  2. The official Docudharma Golden Pony award for blogging excellence!  

    Bravo Magnifico!  

  3. If you ever need anything just…

    • RUKind on October 10, 2009 at 4:42 am

    Your topic choices beat the hell out of the MSM national nightlies. I’ve learned more about the world around me from your news picks than than from the corporate news  put together.

    Thanks again. Fare and be well.

  4. I always read your essays & will miss them.

    Good luck & fare well.

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