Go! Raise page counts and votes: Names of the Dead.com

Alan Grayspan has created a web page to:

a) Show people agree with him an want health care

b) Commemorate the 44,000 each year who die from lack of health care

c) Raise a ruckus (publicize the majority’s desire for change)

d) Get Something Done!!!

Help him out! Just takes a few seconds! You can stay on your chair, no marching, no signs to make — just an opinion to register!!


Really, I mean it, click through, what a golden opportunity!

This is one of the few opportunities we’ll ever have to help someone who’s trying to help the entire country move in the right direction.

This guy is a trained attorney, trained to WIN, has won a LOT, and he wants to win this one!

Us? We NEED him to win. Or if you don’t, ’cause you have health insurance, someone near you does.




We need to get his page clicks up, his votes up, so he has good statistics to use in Congress. And…trust me, he will.


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    • TMC on October 24, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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