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If blogs replace news papers, who will be Miss Manners?  Or Doctor joyce,  WELL, I could do that.  I seem to have an opinion about everything and the people in meat world have grown tired about listening.  Any way, do any bloggers here have any questions about manners?  If not, I guess it’s a bad idea.

Post questions below, please.

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  1. fork to use for the salad and to hold up your napkin when you spit something out.  ok

  2. What fork do you use for Corn Dogs?

  3. have gone to shit.

    I have some pet peeves re manners. I do. Really.

    One of my big ones is… when somebody does or says something whacky, then comes around and extends an apology for crossing a line (not IF offense was taken, just… for the disruption at least … anyway), I think it proper for the offendee to say “Apology accepted”. Unless its not. Then thats different.

    I admit I can be a little schizophrenic on these matters.

    Belching, for example, is a compliment to the chef. lol.

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