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   *  A conman has convinced the owners of at least ten Tokyo-area restaurants to buy Yomiuri Giants tickets at inflated prices in return for arranging large parties at their eateries. Needless to say, the parties never happened.

   * The Ministry of Defense revealed that 67 percent of personnel transported by Air Self-Defense Forces planes in Iraq were US servicemen, contradicting an LDP claim that the missions were “aimed at extending humanitarian support.”

   * Two men in Osaka whose “umbrellas brushed against each other” during the morning commute got into an altercation, and one of them was stabbed.

   * A study by a cancer center in Nagoya found that postmenopausal women who drink more than 1.26 liters of sake per week are nearly twice as likely to develop breast cancer as their teetotaling counterparts.

   * The Tokyo District Court ordered a condominium developer to pay a 48-year-old Kanagawa woman ¥36.6 million in compensation after she developed sick building syndrome while living in one of its units.

Fox News is really ________ (in 10 Words or less)

White House political guru David Axelrod, […] told ABC that

Fox News is “really not news”



October 19, 2009

Well that may have been the Understatement of the Decade!

When Seymour Talks… You Should Listen

Seymour Hersh has launched another bombshell into the public spotlight — that the Pentagon is working to undermine President Obama.

The military is “in a war against the White House — and they feel they have Obama boxed in,”

In case you don’t know, Seymour Hersh is the reporter that broke the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam, the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and told us that Dick Cheney had a secret assassination team.

So, when Seymour speaks, we should be listening…

Friday`s Distractions

The way things are going lately, a short distraction may be in order, if only to get your minds off the messes at hand & the uncertain future.

I always live with hope for humanity.

These images are from a garden at a friend`s house.

It`s always a soothing experience for me to wander through it.


Images with an asterix, were not taken in the last two days.

All others are from the same garden, although only two with an asterix, the Purple Probes, were not from the same garden & pond.



Ratigan reviews Frontline’s Warning, labels Wall Street as Legalized Gambling

If you missed Dylan Ratigan’s interview today with Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) — well you missed a lot!

They spell out in stark relief the very REAL need for serious Wall Street Regulation — NOW!   (and still!)

Or we risk a repeat of the same Bubble-driven collapse of Trillion Dollar Derivative Bets, that occur in the dark, beyond the reach — or even the Watch — of any Govt Regulator, or even the Public scrutinity.

Nothing has changed, they can STILL Gamble Trillions in Derivatives, and let US the Taxpayers pick up the Tab, whenever their Bets GO Bad!

Link to MSNBC Clip to the Ratigan Cantwell Interview

Definitely a “Must See”, in my opinion.

So much so, I transcribed much of it, to help peak your interest …  

We’re gonna spite our noses right offa our faces…

Iris Dement & John Prine… on everbody gittin’ along

In Spite Of Ourselves

Friday Philosophy: Sustainable Community

We had an interesting speaker on Tuesday.

Professor Gita Sen flew in from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India and talked about sustainability and community development.  Writing about what she spoke about and an organization she is a main player with, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) seemed like a worthwhile thing to do.

Of course there was always the possibility that a new diary topic could come to the fore.  Or that one which has been brewing for a couple of weeks could demand to be written finally.  The piece I had been ruminating about had actually earned a title:   Yes, I want a pony.  In fact, I want your pony.

That last deserves to stand by itself until it is ripe.  If you want to fight over it, please wait until I post the essay that goes with it.  Maybe if you continue reading, you might get a glimpse as to how it connects with the rest.

But of course, all hell had broken loose at the beginning of the week at Docudharma.

And that got me thinking about Professor Sen’s discussion of sustainable development…and whether or not there will ever be any application of it…or even possibility of it…in online communities.

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