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Daniel Sunjata continues to kick ass!

The well-spoken, firey actor has a a two-part interview on Russia Today that continues to leave blistering tire tracks across the back of the complicit mainstream American media. Hat tip to Lo Auer of Big Yellow for this one.

Nobel Peace Prize Committee Makes A Mockery Out Of Itself.

I can’t believe that the Nobel Peace Committee could possibly, with a straight face, give out this award to the man who has been escalating Warfare, ever since he took office, and escalating human slaughter (including civilian bombings from unmaned, computerized War drones) throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, and who has been actually increasing the presence of private Contractors (e.g., Blackwater, at the expense of poor American middle class taxpayers) in War torn Iraq, and who refuses to close the foreign Military Bases there, or bring about any end to that shameful tyrannical War.

In addition, Obama has been using (abusing) the high office of the Presidency to protect and defend Bush administration officials against any judicial action or accountability (even fighting against the ACLU, and mandated Court orders in the process). He has continued the shameful practise of “secret renditions” to black site prisons (where the human torture continues), and has been transfering prisoners to Bagram — the new “Abu Grahib”, while failing on his so-called promise by choice to “end Guantanimo”.  Obama has not only perpetuated the many War Crimes of the Bush administration, in all their various forms, he has blocked any effort to allow any cleansing or healing to take place, for this Country or for the World, that would be realized by a public government rebuke and prosecution of these War Crimes.  Conversely, he has portrayed them as legitimate public policy, and maintained legal defense on behalf of them.


Nobel Peace Prize Winner Accused of War Crimes by Spain

Now, how often do you get the opportunity to use that headline?

I’m out of things to say. But I’m sure many people will do just fine.


Consider this an open thread.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

A Transition through Poetry XXXIII

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Desert Tortoise


When I was a small child

and life seemed so very hard

I was positive I could not survive

When things happened to me

that should happen to no child

I doubted I would survive

When the sins of my parents

were visited upon their children

I questioned whether I might survive

When I grew older, I somehow learned

to think of myself as a worthwhile person

I thought, I can survive

Faced with the cruelty of not living

in a world of my own making

I decided, I shall survive

I endured the harshest challenges

that I can imagine a life having to offer

As excruciatingly hard as it was, I survived

When life itself, cruel cellular biology

Seemed to conspire against me

Even then I did survive

Even age, that most vicious mistress

tries to slowly grind me into giving up

but I have still survived

I don’t care what life brings my way now

no matter what or who may come or go

I know that some way I will survive

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–April 28, 2006

Not uncomfortably bald…(photo diary)

Here’s a little candid photo series about something some consider not so fun. Losing hair while undergoing chemo. At least, most folks seem sad about it as regards a few of the responses I’ve gotten when I’ve mentioned the passing (temporary?) of my hair.

In preface to those who don’t understand the chemo reference, here’s how I got here:

Roy Rogers is riding tonight. Cancer and me

And I thought to myself, how odd that a couple of months ago, when it was summer, I drove with the windows down and my hair was blowing, but I had two feet of it then and it was such a hassle because it was blowing across my face and getting in the way and I had no hair tie in the car and it was hot, hot, hot. Today, the bits of hair flying were not a hassle; the sensation was rather oddly liberating.

That’s how I still feel. Will I still feel this way as time progresses? Don’t know. Don’t care.

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Late Night Karaoke

Open Thread

On Learning To Love Homegrown, Or, Baucus’ Fundraising Considered

So we are now finding out the answers to some of our questions about which members of Congress actually represent We, the People…and which ones represent, Them, the Corporate Masters.

We have seen a Democratic Senator propose a policy that would put people in jail for not buying health insurance and a Democratic President who has taken numerous public beatings from those on the left side of the fence for his inability to ram something through a group of people…and yes, folks, the entendre was intentional.

But most of all, we’ve been asking ourselves: “why would Democratic Members of Congress who will eventually want us to vote for them vote against something that nearly all voting Democrats are inclined to vote for?”

Today’s conversation attempts to answer that question by looking at exactly how money and influence flow through a key politician, Montana’s Senator Max Baucus-and in doing so, we examine some ugly political realities that have to be resolved before we can hope to convince certain Members of Congress to vote for what their constituents actually want when it really counts.

BREAKING! U.S. Bans Alternative Historical Accounts of All Wars

The United States has officially banned all historical accounts of all U.S involved wars except the officially government sanctioned version.  In a move that many see as one-upmanship over Israel, which has banned anything that disputes the official version of the Holocaust, and Russia, which has banned any unofficial accounts of World War II, the incredible disinformation spread by anarchist historians has been nipped in the bud.  


President Obama announced the unprecedented move with the following statement:

“This country was founded on the basic premise of freedom and democracy.  I have hope and I know you do as well, that we can continue to maintain that foundation for our country.  The American people fully realize how I am completely devoted to change.  So in the spirit of change and patriotism and in honor of those who fought and lost their lives for these ideals, I hereby declare today “National Historical Accuracy Day”.    This will ensure all Americans, whether they be black or white, male or female, republican or democrat, idiot or imbecile, can rely on an accurate history of this great country.  From this day forward, and in symbolism with the great historically accurate holiday, “Columbus Day”, I hereby declare October 9th as “National Historical Accuracy Day.”

Zogby polls immediately reflected a dramatic increase in favorable numbers for the President, especially among the illiterate and the centrist progressives, i.e., the Obamabots as they call themselves.   One of the leaders of the centrist progressive blogosphere, Micky Molitov, made the following statement on his prominent blog, The Daily Waste of Time (DWOT.  Not coincidentally in consonance with the GWOT, Global War on Terror):

“There is no greater thing that our Dear Leader could have done at this time.  Thing, or action, or whatever, you know what I mean.  It’s kind of like a thing, but also an action.  I’m not sure, but whatever, he is the President.  The trolls have become unbearable on this site and on many others that are seeking the truth simply because of these alternative, tinfoil, conspiracy theories about our great history.  Any true patriot should be proud that our history has been protected by our President  The truth always wins out”.    

It remains to be seen what will happen to all of the bogus historical accounts.  Obama has promised a full review and a possible Czar of Historical Accuracy that could fully address this complex issue.   Senators Baucus and Leiberman have been appointed to explore the way forward.  

Stop the largest military budget bill in US history

On Tuesday Oct. 6th, the U.S. Senate approved the largest military budget bill in the history of our nation: $626 billion. [1]

Next, the bill will be sent to a conference committee and then back to the House and Senate for final passage.

There remains a short window of opportunity to stop this wasteful military madness.

Tell your members of Congress to vote “NO” on the 2010 defense appropriations bill.

It's time to end the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It's time to roll back the out-of-control militarism that is bankrupting our nation, morally and financially.

The Pentagon budget bill contains $128 billion to extend the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — bringing total spending on these wars to over $1 trillion.

Enough is enough. 51% of Americans now believe that the Afghan war is not worth fighting. [2]

We should dedicate most of that $626 billlion to meet the needs of Americans hit hard by the economic crisis, facing foreclosures, lack of health insurance, hunger, and lamentable schools.

We need to take action, motivated by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”

Yes! I'll tell Congress to vote “NO” on the bloated 2010 military budget.



(1) Andrew Taylor, “Senate Passes Pentagon Budget, War Funding.”  Associated Press, October 6, 2009.

(2) Jennifer Agiesta and Jon Cohen, “Public Opinion in U.S. Turns Against the War.”  Washington Post, August 20, 2009.


The blogosphere creates its own Village

who could have predicted this… really?  That the very websites set up to expose government inefficiency, to crash the gates, that seek to hold people accountable, have simply become talking points for whoever.

In order to bring down the gates, you simply must BECOME part of the gate?  Since when?

Follow me along…

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